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hay guys i am thinking about getting a synthetic brush, i am really big on not using animal products as much as i can, but am wondering if they are as nice as a badger, i have a delong silvertip that i love. so i want to know about there softness and there quality of lather
Some of the synthetics are pretty nice, but I don't think you'll find one as soft as a badger - but that shouldn't deter you.
I am using a Vulfix synthetic brush. It is OK when I make lather in a bowl or in the hand. For face lathering this brush is a bit too sloppy in my opinion. At the moment I am looking for either another synthetic (Omega) or will get a boar brush.

You can make good lather with a synthetic brush. Although the are not porous they have enough water on their bristles for lathering. And it is no problem adding more water to your lather if you need.

Synthetic brushes dry quicker than natural fibers and are cheaper than most badger brusher. They are easier to clean after use.

For me synthetic brushes are a good alternative to natural bristles.
I just recently picked up a couple of synthetics but haven't used them yet. I'll let you know what I find out. They seem like they'd be about in the middle, feel-wise, of a badger and a boar. Not sure how they'll work, but the price was decent and I like the look of them.
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