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Synthetic VS Silvertip

I know i know, its been discussed 1000 times
but I couln't find it :)

I have Omega bristle, and I think its my only (yeah right) problem.
I'm thinking about switching to better one, Can't decide between Synthetic and Silvertip.
RazoRock, Simpsons and WhppiedDog are my favorite, they all make both knots.

Any smart taught ?

My personal preference is for a synthetic, and I have (but no longer use) several expensive badgers. I just like the feel of the synthetics better and the lack of any maintenance required. The Razorock Plissoft brushes are fine ones, and inexpensive.
First, this is YMMV.

My preference is natural fibers, especially badger, but that is for me.

There are also the many variables within each category, such as how dense a brush you want, loft, knot, etc., etc. Really, you need to try a few brushes to establish your own preferences. Just my $0.02!
There is no easy way out. You have to try both and decide for yourself.

Everyone's skin is different. My skin doesn't tolerate face lathering with animal hair. So I use the razorock plissoft brushes. The bonus is that they are inexpensive
I know i know, its been discussed 1000 times
but I couln't find it :)

I have Omega bristle, and I think its my only (yeah right) problem.
I'm thinking about switching to better one, Can't decide between Synthetic and Silvertip.
RazoRock, Simpsons and WhppiedDog are my favorite, they all make both knots.

Any smart taught ?


Find a brush you like the look of, handle it if you can, and if you still like it then buy it. I don't think there's another way.
Imo....go for silvertip pure badgers.....contrary to what some say they lather both cream and soap pucks like a boss...ive had my wahl traditional silvertip pure badger for 1 yr now and its just like it was new...tried a few synthetics and really wasnt pleased...but ymmv you may like synthetics alot of others do
I think you would be happy with either. Now days I reach for a synthetic a majority of the time but that is mainly because they are the newer brushes in my den. I would go with what you budget allows. if your budget is tight then go with a synthetic. if you have some money to spend then there is no better treat than a quality Silvertip.
You did not mention whether you use soaps or creams, or both. I love a silvertip for creams, but unless you get a really dense badger brush (often pricey), it may not have the backbone to do a good job with hard soaps.

I have a Razorock Plisoft and it will lather anything, even the low-lathering creams designed to be used without a brush.

An Omega boar bristle brush can do a great job once it is broken in properly. It can be as soft on the face as a silvertip badger, but have plenty of backbone to lather hard soaps. There is nothing wrong with trying a variety of brushes, but do not give up on boar.

One day, you might want to try a Vie Long horsehair brush as well. They fall somewhere between boar and badger as far as softness and backbone.
A good compromise might be a Chinese made Synthetic Silvertip
I paid less than €6 for mine on eBay with free shipping from China to Spain
It doesn't require soaking - just dip into warm water, give a quick shake and it's good to go
Another very good reason not to try to soak it - the aluminium handle gets very hot !!
It works equally well with hard soap or cream for bowl lathering, but used for face lathering with Proraso Soap it's a match made in Heaven
It's got backbone, but also feels kitten soft - the trick is not to press too hard on the surface of the soap
It dries off very quickly and easily - a quick shake, a few rubs on a dry towel - and job done
I've got small hands, but it still looks tiny - ideal for travelling
You'll be spoilt for choice on eBay - every Chinese seller seems to sell them
Most sell them with silver coloured aluminium handles - some also sell them with black aluminium handles

IMHO - For the price, it's worth a gamble, worst case scenario you've got a very economical travel brush
I own Plissoft love the way it feels and does excellent job, plus very low maintenance just wet and whip ....oh very inexpensive.
I love the look of silver tips as they great, however I lather with a synthetic because I like the results and feel. This is a matter of personal preference. Try both and make your choice of which you like more.

I've just ordered Maggard 24mm synthetic, i could afford very nice silvertip, like the commodore X3, but I've figured synthetic are way cheaper and as good as silvertip, so why spend more?

Thanks for the great community!
I like both, but synthetics are a much better deal.

The cheap badgers aren't very good. If they are your only brush they work OK (i.e. they aren't horrible if you have nothing to compare them with). My Miusco and Perfecto have enough backbone to lather any soap well, they aren't lather hogs, and they'll apply the lather to your face. However, they aren't very comfortable.

At $10-20, synthetics are a great deal and perform better than any sub-$50 badger. I like my $12 RazoRock Big Bruce about as much as my $40 Whipped Dog Silvertip or my $60 Simpsons Colonel X2L best badger. It is soft, it doesn't hog the lather like a silvertip or mid-level badger can, and it easily makes a good lather with most soaps (though the nicer badger and the synthetics don't work as well on some soaps as a good boar).

Another option you may want to consider is trying a different boar brush if you don't like yours much. My two Semogues (610 and 830) may be my favorite brushes. They lather any soap well. They are comfortable on the face, and they don't hog the lather like some badgers. They do hold a lot of water though, so you have to be careful to have enough product and not to have too much water the first few times you use them (until you are used to them). Maybe try a Semogue or a higher end Omega than the one you have and you may be happier than with what you have now. A good boar is much cheaper than a good badger (mine were just a tad more money than my Perfecto), and similar on the value scale as a good synthetic.
Haven't tried a synthetic so I can't compare. What I can say is I use and Omega 6214 Silvertip and the feel is as soft as a feather as the lather is brushed on. I use it like a paint brush (recommended by Omega), up and down, back and forth, just like you are applying paint on a wall. I also use pure badger and a boar brush as well. All perform nicely.
Here's a pic of my 6214 Silvertip.
Omega-6214 Brush.jpg

And my Omega boar
Omega Boar-81052.jpg
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