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Synthetic Sundays!!!

Well, my synthetic Muhle Rocca Birch brush and razor showed up today. For whatever reason, this knot, the same one, apparently, as on the Muhle Karelian brush was much more what I'd hoped for in the STF knot (soft with some backbone). But frankly, the brush is more beautiful than special regarding the knot itself. It works about the same, slightly differently but not better or worse than my Trafalgar T2 or unbranded cheapie chinese brush. Nothing magical IMO. Still, it's so lovely to look at, it will get a fair bit of use!

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That's a good looking brush. I'm glad it worked well for you. Is that a 21mm knot?
That's a good looking brush. I'm glad it worked well for you. Is that a 21mm knot?
Yes, the same as on the Purist that was returned today. One difference is the Rocca has a replaceable knot. It simply unscrews. Pretty cool feature. I was very, very tempted to keep the other brush as it was a stunner AND ergonomic but the knot wasn't what I expected (even though they are both 21mm STFs.

No make that +10 or +100

The best one I have so far. I am getting a Simpson T3 for Christmas. Will be interesting to see which one wins top spot.

Guido, cant wait til Christmas!
Anxious to see how it perform for you.
I know you will post the results somewhere. But heck, I probably won't see it, cuz I'll forget.
Your dealing with the person that can't remember what he had for breakfast.
PAA Peregrino

What's the fun of knowing what you're getting for Xmas in October (unless it's self-gifting ;))? I told my family a long time ago to quit buying me gifts. Nobody knows what I want but me and I am very generous... ;)
My 81 year old mother still insists on giving me cash for Christmas. Lol, I will be pre-emptively buying a brush in November, probably a Black Friday sale, to make sure it shows up for Christmas! That way I can show her what she bought me! lol
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Synthetic Sundays


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Hey Guys
Good shave today. Yesterday I used the Feather AS-D2 and had only an Okay shave. Today the EJ 89 glided smoothly to an enjoyable DFS finish. I guess the AS-D2 razor is going back in the drawer for a while. I still give the $20.00 Feather "Popular" 5 stars.

@Balin has started a 'Synthetic Sundays' thread so I get to post there today.
RV Muhle STF
did a face lather last two days with the CC Cream as I try to figure out how I like to use it best

do wish it splayed a touch easier as I keep saying ! Hahahaha

but its my fav brush at this time and want to try a few other synthetics like the APShave ones
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Notes to today’s shave:

Had some issues and challenges to attend to, so I did not post yesterday. The shave was ok and could have been better. This blade is working, but I retired it because the shave felt harsh and I incurred a number of neck weepers and irritation. That is a no in my book for a next run. Everything else performed beautifully.

In terms of technique, the Gillette Slides saved the shave, because I could use the slide to temper the harshness quite a bit. I have seen other gents take the Black to double digits, but maybe this is not the blade for me in that department - because the first couple of shaves were excellent.

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Notes to today’s shave:

What a shave! This was pure and utter bliss. Everything fell into place today. I had planned to use the KCG alongside the Timeless, but I simply could not put her down. The Timeless is amazing. Smooth, comfortable, super easy to use. Fantastic. I did two passes and achieved a near-marble result. Near-marble, because I missed a tiny spot after the ATG. Other than that excellent, excellent, excellent. It is now 5 hours after the shave and still very much at BBS level.

Tomorrow is Mühle Monday and I have decided to make it into a battle of the beasties: Timeless vs R41.
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