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    Ok gents it has been a busy weekend for me but that hasn't stopped me from sneaking in my shaves. I am on brush #4 now. I started off with the Maggard Razors Black & White 22mm. This being my first go with synthetics the first thing I noticed was how much water they hold. I had to figure that out and adjust my technique for whipping up a good lather but I think I finally got there. It was a good shave overall. I think the brush was a little too soft for my liking. Here is a pic of the lineup. Merkur 34 the cream was called caffeinated shaving cream from Target. More to come gents!

  1. Love that Arko stick in the background!
  2. 20190511_091100.jpg 20190513_192143.jpg 2nd & 3rd shaves
    Muhle silvertip v1
    Zenith TS 505AK
    Both done with the Merkur and
    Proraso green.

    Both of these shaves left me with a little redness and irritation. (I am blaming the blade). As for the brushes again I thought the Muhle was a bit too soft. I really liked the stiffness of the Zenith a lot better. Reminded me more of the Escali badger that I normally use. Getting a bit better with the lathers also. I will report on brush#4 tomorrow. Stay tuned!
  3. Oh yes I love the Arko stick as well. Smells great!
  4. Great stuff Bryan! Thank you so much for your reviews!
  6. I know this is a bit off topic, but what the stainelss Razer with the short open comb that you posted in the picture?
  7. His post says Merkur 34. It appears to have a different handle though.
  8. Ok, thanks. I saw 2 razors and did not know which was which.
  9. You're welcome. They've got a lot of safety razors on this site I had never heard of before until I joined. I think some of them change handles too which makes them harder to identify.
  10. I believe that's a Merkur 42C.
  11. I noticed a lot of guys just refer to model number of the razors and I find myself trying to figure out the brand
  12. Yeah that's totally accurate. Razors like the R41 have such a reputation that few people include the manufacturer, which would be Muhle. There used to be a great database in the wiki section of the old site. I don't know if it made its way to the new site.
  13. A guide would be helpful, but I am sure I wouldn't look them all up anyway

    Has anyone tried the Charcoal Goods synthetic brush that they can comment on? I have a Parker synthetic for about $25 that I have used for several years and like it a lot. Wondering if it is worth spending the money on the CG synthetic?
  14. You are correct. I miss spoke it is indeed the Merkur 42C!
  15. Shave #4

    RazoRick Plissoft
    Gillette Tech
    RazoRock lavender soap

    Probably the best shave yet. Still a little thin on the leather and this brush was a little soft. But when all was said and done it was a nice smooth shave. I really liked the feel of this brush in my hand though. Good weight and shape handle. I am loving this box!

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  16. Shave #5

    Crown King Checkmate
    Gillette Tech
    TOBS Avocado

    This thing was a monster of a brush! Almost felt like I should have held it with two hands :302:. Good shave overall. I think the knot was a little too big in proportion to the handle. A little bit soft again had to work hard for the lather but good peaks. Stay tuned for Shave #6!

  17. Yup, that brush is HUGE! LOL
  18. Shave #6 Another monster.

    Stirling Kong
    TOBS Avocado
    Gillette Tech

    I loved the knot on this brush. It was really large and soft and fanned out nicely on the face. It created another great lather almost like a super lather. I was not a big fan of the handle though. The lines were a bit rigid in the hand and I prefer something more contoured. Still loving this box though and the opportunity to try all these brushes.

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  19. Shave #7 New Favorite

    Omega Hi-Brush
    ARCO shave stick
    Gillette Tech

    OK I think this has become my new favorite. I love the wood handle and the shape, and how it feels when your holding it. The knot is a bit more "scratchy" but I don't mind that so much. Made a great lather with a few shreds off the ARCO stick into my bowl. This was a really comfortable shave. Of course we were on an out of town weekend trip so that always helps you be more relaxed.


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