Synthetic Shaving Brush Pass Around

Discussion in 'Shave Clinic & Newbie Check-In' started by mightyeskimo, Jan 5, 2019.

    One more spot open!
  1. Great way of trying a variety of synthetics at a low cost!
  2. BUMP! come on people 1 more.
  3. Hopefully we get one more soon. I've been excited about this.
  4. Wish I could participate! Dont have enough posts on this forum. Looks like a great opportunity to test drive brushes before investing. Lot of options out there. One drawback is the potential for causing BAD though.
    Should be interesting to see what people think of them.
    I like the pill bottle containers btw.
  5. If I remember correctly you just have to have the required number of posts by the time the box is sent to you. If you go through the forums you can get the posts needed very quickly. I think it took me maybe 5 days to get the required number of posts. Welcome new members. Engage in conversations with threads. You can do it quickly and we can then have the number of people to get this started.
  6. @Clay S am I correct in its number of posts by the time the box is sent to you. I want to help @Joshua223 get on the list so we can get this pass around started.
  7. Guess I need to start posting more...
  8. Absolutely. Post as much as you can.
  9. @mightyeskimo would be the one to ask. I don't recall. He should be by in short order to answer.
  10. Ok. Sorry I forgot who started this. I assumed you were the one running this @Clay S thanks for allerting @mightyeskimo I'm excited to get this going.
  11. Welcome to B&B @Joshua223! Great to have you here!

    It's true There's some wiggle room with the post count. Call it gentlemanly honor. I'd be happy to add you to the list. What's your city and state please?

    Well gents, we've done it! The Dirty Bakers Dozen is complete! The box will ship as soon as I get home. It seems you've caught me in the middle of a business trip and I hope you fine friends can be patient for just a little longer. I'm due to return Friday of next week.

    I want to personally thank you guys for all the great conversation, mentions, bumps, posts and general effort you've given to this box. It's a testament to the quality of this site and all its members across the country and the globe. You have my respect and my gratitude!

    Let's roll!
  12. Thank you for putting this thing together.
  13. Thanks, I'm in Suwanee, GA. I'll go ahead and send you all my contact info.

    Just saw that you put silica packs in the bottles. :punk:

    Double checked the rules to make sure I didn't miss anything. Looked like the biggies were > clean/dry thoroughly >keep everything together >Don't hog them.
  14. Hooray we made it! You just squeaked in there @Joshua223 I'm excited to get this thing going.
  15. Thanks, I'm looking forward to it. This will be a nice way to participate as a new guy.

    I'm partial to my badger but I'm hoping I find a synthetic that suits me in "the box". I use two brushes so I don't have a lot to compare to!
  16. johnwick

    johnwick Contributor

    Terrific to see it get started! Synthetics have become an absolute joy for me to use. Congratulations to all included!
  17. So it begins! Look what came in the mail today! Can't wait to get started.
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  18. Oops! Did not realize my picture of the box had the address on it! Sorry folks. Anyways. I am starting to enjoy the box now.
  19. I really relate to this. I have a Simpson Commodore v2 in best badger that I've used daily since joining B&B. I bought a Muhle synthetic when we were expecting our third child on the pretense that it would be a great travel brush. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it is one little beast of a brush. For me, that's a brush that gives a badger a run for its money.

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