Synthetic Shaving Brush Pass Around

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    Hi all! We're gearing up the list for the synthetic shaving brush pass around! We need 12 more interested parties before sending the box out. Interested? Click Here:

    Synthetic Shaving Brush Pass Around
  1. Great idea! :a14::a14:

    Not in as I turned out to be a (mostly) badger boy!
  2. I participated in the last synthetic brush pass around. This is a great way to try some great brushes & see what you like & don’t like in a brush. I hope a lot of folks sign up for this. Respectfully, not in this time.
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  4. I’m interested. I *think* I’m at 86 posts or there abouts. I’ll work on it. Looks as if I might have a little time as well. PM me any questions, concerns, policies etc. it’s amazing of you to organize this and I certainly don’t want to make it more work for you.
  5. Cool! What's your city and state?
  6. Thanks! I updated the list. We got 2! 11 more to go! C'mon people! This is a really cool opportunity!
  7. Been waiting for this to come back. Can I get in?
  8. Yes. He is currently in a holding pattern, waiting for enough to sign up. IIRC you'll be third on the list. Follow the link in the first post and post there that you want to sign up.

    He'll probably see your post here and sign you up as well.
  9. Absolutely! You're already in and will be the first when we get 11 more participants. That's our Dirty Bakers Dozen tradition. :). There's an updated list towards the end on the thread. I really miss being a steward and having the ability to edit the first post in the thread. That was so easy to keep everything in post 1.
  10. Thanks! Looking forward to this. I only have one brush Escali 100% pure badger from Amazon. It works ok for me but then again I don't really know any better.
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  12. Man come on people what are you waiting for! A good opportunity to try some great brushes!
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  14. Lol, I have almost 100 posts to go, so I will have to sit this round out. But cool idea!
  15. There's still time @Daiķon. We need 13 members before sending the box out and we're have 3 currently. Go post crazy!
  16. Bump! We got 4! 9 more and the box goes out!
  17. Nice! Any idea what this box costs to ship? Thanks!
  18. $14 I believe. USPS flat rate medium sized box.
  19. Thanks for getting back to me on that!

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