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Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by mightyeskimo, Aug 3, 2016.

    Yep, second day with the Zenith brush and I really like it. Love the handle as it fits and feels great in the hand.
    To be honest I think the handle would be wonderful at just a bit longer. Doesn't have super soft bristles but soft enough and puts the lather where I want. Paints and splays in good order - a nice brush.

    Up tomorrow will be the Amack Game changer.

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  1. Used the Amack Game Changer this morning.
    I have to admit for the first couple of minutes I couldn't get this brush to produce any lather.
    I am using a hard tripled mill soap (RazoRock) but I used this soap with the other brushes without a problem.
    The brush does not hold a lot of water so I dipped it in water in the sink and now I have lather.
    It is a soft feel on the face and actually was good at lathering up - guess I had to dial it in.
    I like the handle, feel nice in the hand while applying lather. Knot seems to have nice density to the bristles.[​IMG]

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  2. Ok, used the Amack Game Changer for the second time this morning. It is a nice brush.
    Now I didn't shake out much water from the brush this time an - bang - made real nice lather almost instantly. Creamy yogurt type lather. I calk it up to operator error and my inexperience with synthetic brushes.
    And yesterday I couldn't get it to whip up lather for a bit - live and learn!
    I like this brush, nice weight and feel to the handle and applies lather nicely.
    Tomorrow will be using an Edwin Jagger Silvertip![​IMG]

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  3. Well, I used the Edwin Jagger Silvertip this morning and what a nice brush it is.
    Love the handle and the way it fits in the hand plus it has a nice weight to it.
    I found it's a super lather maker, feels great and lays down a nice layer of lather. Has a nice large size knot but not overly huge. In my opinion seems just right.
    The brush has good splay on the face, had very soft tips and just the right amount of backbone.
    Looking forward to giving it a second go tomorrow morning![​IMG]

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  4. Second shave with the Edwin Jagger Silvertip was super. Really nice at whipping up lather and applying it with very soft tips.
    I like this brush!
    On par with the Whipped Dog, not as dense with a bit softer tips. Loved the faux horn handle too.
    Did I say I like this brush - hands down would be a great daily driver.
    I'm liking these synthetic brushes!

    Next up for tomorrow will be the RazoRock Pilssoft. From what I've read they are super soft. [​IMG]

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  5. Does anyone know the name and manufacturer of this brush?
    It does not have a name on it or the pill tube container it is in.[​IMG][​IMG]

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  6. I think that it is a Sinbad knot from APShave
  7. Yup, that's i . And my favorite handle!
  8. Great - thanks for the info!
    That's the next one up after the RazoRock.
  9. Used the RazoRock for the first time this morning, in my opinion it does have very soft tips and a bit of backbone too.
    Whipped up some nice lather quick - I'm not shaking out much water now from the brushes.
    Laid down a good thickness of lather right where I wanted it. The tips are very soft on the face and the handle has a great feel and weight to it too.
    First impression is a good one![​IMG]

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  10. Second day with the RazoRock brush and enjoyed it immensely.
    Yes, it is very soft on the face and has very good lathering capabilities. I can understand why they are popular.
    No disappointing attributes that I experienced.
    Would be a great brush for your rotation.

    Next up tomorrow will be AP Shaving brush w/Synbad knot!

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  11. Used the AP Shave w/Synbad knot this morning first the first time.
    Wow - awesome brush! Super lather maker right off the bat.
    Feels great on the face, soft tips and very nice splay!
    Well made, nice feel to the handle and looks super.
    Don't know what else to say except can't wait until tomorrow morning![​IMG]

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  12. Second use of the AP Shave Co brush w/Synbad knot and it was awesome.
    Truly a very nice brush and is top tier in my opinion.
    Super lather maker, nice density to the knot. Not as dense as the Whipped Dog I think but none the less enjoyable.
    Will think about tomorrow's selection a bit.
    All the brushes I have tried so far have been very enjoyable to use. I'm liking these synthetic knots![​IMG]

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  13. Ok, tomorrow morning the Omega Hi Brush is up! Seems to have a nice soft knot.
    I'm interested to see how this brush performs as I have a small Omega 10275 boar brush that I love.
    It has broken in super nicely and is suprisingly soft on the face!
    One thing about synthetic brushes is there is no "break in" per say.
    Onward to tomorrow![​IMG]

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  14. The Omega Hi-Brush was up this morning. I gotta tell ya this brush almost felt like my small Omega boar brush!
    The bristles are much stiffer than the previous brushes I used, not as soft and has some backbone to it.
    Now it's not uncomfortable to use but just surprised me. The performance was great - super lather maker, good at painting the lather where I wanted it.
    I would have liked much softer tips, this one has good "scritch" to it though.[​IMG]

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  15. Second go-round with the Omega Hi-Brush.
    It's very good at whipping up lather. Has good "scritch" to the bristles and backbone.
    The tips are soft just not as soft as previous brushes I tried.
    Good brush for those wanting "something similar" to boar but is bit softer.

    Next for tomorrow will be the Sterling Kong![​IMG]

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  16. Whoa - the Sterling Kong was awesome this morning!
    It's a big brush with a large hefty handle too.
    It didn't seem akward at all and fits nicely in the hand. I would guess my hands are regular size and this brush was a pleasure to use.
    Super lather maker and has a large splay so it takes no time to lather up.
    Soft tips and nice on the face.
    My initial thought was it's much too big until I actually used it, it's a nice brush.
    Seems to hold enough water too as I found I can't shake out all the water from these brushes - can't whip good lather.
    Using the Kong for round two tomorrow![​IMG]

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  17. The Kong was awesome again!
    Super lather, great splay and puts the soap just where you want it.
    I actually like a bit smaller knot but I do like this brush.
    The tips seem softer this morning, don't know why, real nice on the face.
    The handle is large with nice weight to it - feels nice in the hand.
    I was surprised due to its size that I really liked this brush. It's a real good one![​IMG]

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  18. Used the Hunter Brush this morning. Has a different handle to it, kinda like a hybrid Persian Jar.
    Fits nice in the hand though. Has a bit of heft to it and the tips are soft.
    Does not hold much water at all. I had to keep dipping the brush in the water. At that point was s good lather maker! I learned early that synthetic brushes don't hold much water but I was shaking out too much making it worse. Once I dialed that in the brushes were good to go except this one, took me a little more time to get it right.
    Splay was very good and it put down a good layer of lather. Has exceptable softness of the tips on the face.
    Round two with this brush tomorrow.[​IMG]

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  19. Pleasant shave with the Hunter's Brush round two this morning.
    I whipped up some good lather in no time now that I know I need more water with this brush.
    Good splay when lathering up. All in all I think it's a nice brush. Tips could be softer but it's still nice on the face.[​IMG]

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