Synthetic Shaving Brush Pass Around

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    Line Up.jpg Pack Up.jpg $Top & Bottom Combined.jpg !!Welcome To The Synthetic Shaving Brush Pass-Around!!

    Rules/Regs/Fine Print

    1. Please keep the box for no longer than 2 weeks.

    2. Please allow a full 24 hours for the last brush you used to dry before sending the box off to the next person. Dry brushes by gently squeezing out the water and leaving it to sit out in an open space such as a counter top or dresser before placing them back in their tubes. Please rinse the brushes thoroughly.

    3. There is a 100 post minimum required to participate in this pass around.

    4. Please post a pic of your receipt with a tracking number when you send the box off.

    5. Additional entries into the queue will be first come, first serve. CONUS only please.

    6. Please keep the silicone packets under the brush handle inside the tubes. There are replacement silicone packets in the box so please replace them as needed (they tear easily over time). Also, please use or replace packing material as necessary. Please make sure the brushes are in the containers and that all lids are snapped on securely.

    7. Please write a handwritten note to the next member and include it in the box.

    8. Please notify me if the box needs any special attention or if any problems arise by posting in this thread or sending me a private message.

    9. Please treat these brushes as your own and value them appropriately. Be a gentleman.

    10. Please send the box out using Priority Mail. This will include $50 in free insurance. If the box needs to be changed out please contact me and I'll make arrangements to take care of replacing it.

    What's In The Box

    Make/Model (From Left To Right)Knot SizeLoftTotal HeightWeight
    The Purest Satin Tip22mm49mm100mm39g
    Vintage Muhle Silvertip22mm55mm106mm58g
    Stirling Kong26mm61mm120mm108g
    Omega Hi Brush24mm58mm116mm55g
    Crown King Checkmate Suave26mm58mm123mm98g
    Whipped Dog Butterscotch Handle30mm60mm118mm97g
    Razorock Plissoft Barber Handle25mm53mm120mm99g
    Vie Long Silvertip Extra Soft23mm52mm100mm60g
    Edwin Jagger Silvertip Horn25mm57mm110mm84g
    L'Occitane Plisson22mm55mm104mm47g
    Zenith TS 505AK27mm52mm104mm82g
    AMACK Gamechanger25mm54mm117mm83g
    Hunter's Brush25mm57mm114mm82g

    The List
    1. BaylorGator - West Palm Beach, FL
    2. sjerquinn - Magna, UT
    3. captnronfl - Stuart, FL
    4. Griever - Kansas City, MO
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  1. August West

    August West Moderator Emeritus

  2. If getting freebies is frowned upon, I wouldn't mind buying a brush for the cause. That new super soft Razorock with chrome handles looks interesting, albeit the same size that [MENTION=24531]xillion[/MENTION] mentioned. Maybe we should get a Fine and a Maggard's? Of course, those are similar hairs from what I've read. Maybe a Pure? Anyway, I could see having 22, 24 & 26mm knots.
  3. If i had more than one I could help. I could throw one in a Badger as I am getting another. This is a great idea I'm in! I would say vendors could be cool. L'occitane and Razorock seem to get a lot of love.
  4. I was thinking of doing a synthetic passaround myself. I'm glad to see someone else beat me to it, since I would probably procrastinate on getting it started.

    I have a couple I can contribute ... off the top of my head, I have a PAA Checkmate, an Omega HI-Brush and a Sterling KONG. I'll look in the drawer and see what else I have to throw in.
  5. I have a 22mm Omega Boar I will toss in the box.! Asking Vendors to donate a brush is a good idea but, I don't think it will happen.
  6. Thanks for the feedback is! I do like the idea of multiple sizes being represented in the box. So a 26, 24, 22, and possibly even an 18 or 19 would be great.

    Another question to answer is how to keep the brushes stored within the Box. I think I like the idea of collecting some old prescription bottles and cutting holes in the lid and the bottom for ventilation.
  7. Thank you sir! Do you think you could find something in a 20mm knot or less?
  8. Thank you sir! Can you list the sizes on those brushes as well please?
  9. Thanks very much guys! I'd like to keep this box to synthetic brushes only. If this takes off well I have no problem managing a separate Badger Pass Around Box and a separate Boar Pass Around Box.
  10. Parjay

    Parjay Moderator Emeritus

    Very cool! Way to get this cooking, Don. Also, props to the gents that made the original recommendation!
  11. OK... no problem. I must have not read the synthetic only part.
  12. This is an excellent idea. I think different sizes is a very good idea. I will have to see if I have anything different to contribute other than the ones mentioned above. I have a knot from AMACK (that I haven't even had time to glue into a handle) so I can't comment personally yet, but these also get pretty good reviews. Otherwise Stirling, Whipped Dog, Shave Rev, Plisson, Razorock, Maggards would all be great.
    I did see the sub-$25 price mentioned above...though if someone wanted to loan out a Simpson Ch2 synth or a Muhle V2.0, I wouldn't object.
  13. I've been going crazy these past few weeks trying to decide on the right brush for me. I started out with a Maggard synthetic that had way too much backbone and then I went for a Plissoft, which is actually the same exact knot and feels almost exactly the same.

    I'm seconding NickMach's list as for the brushes that would make good candidates - Stirling Kong, Shave Revolution Evo, RazoRock Plissoft, and Maggard. I'm most interested in Whipped Dog right now but I'd like to point out that there are two synthetic Whipped Dog knots: the old Ubersoft knot and the newer unnamed knot. I think that this is a really important distinction. I'd also like to propose a few more brushes that I've had suggested to me in other threads, so here is my full list:

    -Fine Angel Hair
    -The Purest Satin Tip
    -Stirling Kong
    -RazoRock Plissoft
    -Shave Revolution Evo
    -old Whipped Dog "Ubersoft"
    -new Whipped Dog

    Those should all be sub $25.

    As for moisture, will silica gel crystals help at all? Synthetics dry fairly quickly so maybe make a rule that all brushes must be allowed one full day to dry before shipping. Also use a drip stand or stand the brushes up in a bowl, otherwise the moisture will just gather at the base of the brush.

    24mm seems like a popular middle ground size. Obviously some brushes like the Stirling Kong will fall outside this size.

    I'm still too new to partake in pass arounds but I'm intensely on the hunt for the ideal affordable synthetic, and I really want to hear some opinions on the new Whipped Dog versus the Plissoft. This pass around couldn't have come at a better time for me assuming we'll be able to start seeing some reviews some time this year.
  14. XL, extra large knot size 25mm.
  15. I'll certainly be referring to this thread in the future for the possible badger and boar boxes. I will not forget about your generosity.
  16. I'm new to de shaving and very interested in this pass. In fact, I'm looking at having a brush made for me right now not knowing what I'm going to get basically.

    As a cigar enthusiast, I know all about humidity control.

    You can go to any pet store and buy the kitty litter clear crystals. They are cheap and will pull the moisture from the brushes.

    My question is this......

    How will they be shipped?

    Each in its own plastic baggy?

    If so, you will need to put some kitty litter in with each brush.

    Don't worry, they have no scent. Many people use them for keeping cigars.

    Let me know if I can help.
  17. Why are vendor donated items frowned upon. It's not going to bias the passaround participants and keep their reviews from being honest. All reviews need to be completely honest and I've never found this to be anything but the case with passarounds.

    I would absolutely ask vendors for synthetic brushes. It's an opportunity for people to try their brushes and almost free advertising for them that we're overseeing and managing for them. You're asking for a brush for advertising purposes so why donate your own? Think about it, if you do the passaround and like the brush will you buy one? You absolutely would, so why not ask for a demo brush. Do I owe them a glowing review just because they donated a brush, absolutely not. As the passaround moderator, I might say "this one's not for me" instead of completely slamming it, but to the rest of the participants, slam away if you hate it. Bring the honesty in your reviews.

    If you're a vendor selling shaving supplies how do you advertise your products to your target market. Think about it how effective would a mailer be (it wouldn't), fliers on cars (nope), mass emails (everybody hates those). Most people don't even know what wet shaving is. The best place for them to get noticed is this forum and outside of a Vendor tag there's no way to advertise to the 60,000 plus members here. All they can do is wait and hope for a positive review to be posted by one of our members. They are pretty helpless from an advertising standpoint. Same deal with the other forums, it's all word of mouth. So a $10 brush for them is a chance that a product might catch on and sell. Then maybe you guys will buy some soap or aftershave along with the brush.

    That $10 brush will be tried by 50 or more people and the reviews they post will be read by thousands more. Can you think of a better use of $10 for them. If I were a vendor I'd do this in a second. I rarely get ignored when I ask for soap for the soap sample passaround. I've asked around thirty vendors and only four didn't respond. Most responded quickly with an "Absolutely, I'm in" and that's because it makes sense for them to do it. You're actually doing them a favor by asking them.

    With the soap sample passaround. All of the soaps are kept separate from my own because they are property of the passaround and not mine. I show no favoritism to any of the vendors because they donated soap, they didn't donate it to me they donated it to the passaround in the hopes that someone posts a favorable review and they sell some soap. They're appreciative that I asked but contrary to what some think I don't get sent a ton of free stuff. I ask for soap for the passaround and that's what they send me, soap for the passaround. I review some of them and comment on the ones I really like.

    As long as you do it this way the ethical thing only comes into play when the passaround finally ends because of lack of interest. Then what happens to the donated brushes? Easy solution, you send them to Georg and they get donated to active military guys (I've already done this with some passaround soap). I sent the vendor an email letting them know and they were thrilled. Or maybe they go to forum members in need of a brush via a PIF. If Simpson donated a high end synthetic brush for us to try, I'd donate it to the Sue Moore Auction once the passaround was over. I look at it as if the donated stuff isn't mine to keep, it's just lent to us to try so when it's served its purpose it'll move to someone that needs it more than I do.

    Asking for a $10 brush for this is no big deal, however asking for a $200 badger brush is likely a different story because the return they'd need is much higher to justify it. I wouldn't ask a vendor for a $200 item and I don't see them being very responsive to the idea either.

    I'd think a high end badger brush passaround might work with user owned brushes but it would have to be a small select group of established members as participants. Outside of that I don't see it happening as the risk is too high.

    Boar brushes might work as well for a passaround but I'd see how the synthetic one went first.

    The forum members that are kind enough to donate brushes to this should know ahead of time that they are going to get used, dropped, chipped, and possibly lost. So don't donate anything you expect to get back in the same condition.
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