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    I'm turning my first few (16 and counting) handles at the moment and have an order coming from Yaqi for the knots i'll be putting in them. I wondered if anyone had any other manufactures for synthetic knots i should consider?
  1. I've never used an APShaveCo knot I didn't like.
  2. +1 on this and I would also say that Milton from TurnNShave has some excellent knots available also...
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    Yaqi is one of the biggest suppliers and manufactures of knots for most brush makers in around about way .
    Milton does not make his knots at TNS, neither APS or Maggards or Envy.
    They are all made in China for the most part.
  4. ^^^
    I must have skipped over the whole "manufacturer's" part of that question it would seem but none the less, Milton and Al have some of the best synthetic knots available here in the US and Canada and they are readily available... If memory serves me correctly I believe Frank Shaving has a new knot available that is supposedly very similar to the Muhle STF knot and one called a "Pur-tech as well... Here's a link to a post in the Shave Brush forum... REVIEW: Frank Shaving develops in-house synthetic fibre!!!
  5. How do you know you didn't like it if you never used it?


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