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Synthetic brush to buy if I've never used a shaving brush

Go for the cream. Wet the brush, knock some water out, put in a toothpaste-sized amount down in the hair, give it a squish and go to town. Keep adding water till that brush is just slipping around your face and you will be in for a great shave.
I guess I sort of splurged when I got into wet shaving in February. I saw Brian Mulreany using his Executive Shaving Co "Ultimate G4" and fell in love with design, esp. the understated handle so that's the first brush I bought. I love it. I only have my old Vulfix Super Badger with which to compare, but I prefer the Ultimate. Executive Shaving Ultimate G4 Synthetic Shaving Brush - https://www.executive-shaving.co.uk/executive-shaving-ultimate-g4-synthetic-shaving-brush


More Deep Thoughts than Jack Handy
Brush size is a personal preference detail. I have both, Simpson Trafalgar T1 and more than one brush with a G5A knot. For me there is no comparison...the G5A wins hands down. However, I may be alone in that opinion. Best of luck with whatever brush you choose.
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