Synthetic, Boar, etc Knots You really Like...

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    Hi guys
    I've spun and restored brushes for a while and am looking to try the synthetic and maybe the Boar knots for some projects. So far I've been using badger in various shapes etc. But am starting to re-think materials for these new and re-furbished projects.
    Thoughts? Thanx in advance.
  1. I really like Stirling shave soap tuxedo knot. I don't know who makes the knot but, IMO, is perfect for face lathering. Also, with the white handle it is very pretty so maybe an offshoot of white and black on the handle would look really nice with a tuxedo knot.

    I don't know if this is what you are looking for but I figured I would put it in.
  2. I think the straw color of boars, especially with the few dark hairs, goes well with a lot of wooden handles. Horsehair does as well. The spectrum of colors of synthetics can go with both wooden handles, and resins.
  3. Of those options, I would go for I dyed boar which looks great with darker wooden handles IMO!
  4. The Maggard Synth knot is nice as well as the Maggard Beige synth knot. I own and use both on a regular basis. I also have a 18mm Timberwolf knot that I don't mind.
  5. I really like the Maggard 26mm Black and White Synthetic knot. I have made three brushes with them. Two were for other people, but I really enjoy the one I kept every time I use it.

    I would love to find a 20mm pure white synthetic knot. I have a clear handle with a red socket that it would really look good in.
  6. My favorite knot is the big Omega properly set it's hard to beat. I just buy the brush and harvest the knots. I remove the black plastic collar and set them to a loft I like. The 10066 Omega is nice if you like smaller knots (24mm). Synthetics I like are the SynBad, Full Moon, Hawk, Cashmere and Tuxedo. I have some very nice badgers but will take the Omega for pure enjoyment of using. I removed the knot out of a Chubby 2 synthetic and rehandled and relofted it higher and it's very nice. I'll probably try a Silk Smoke (syn.) too eventually. Good luck and have fun.
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  7. I’ve tried quite a few synths and the only one I like is the BOSS/Gamechanger black synth. Unlike all the other synths it has mucho backbone but is pillow soft on the skin. Like all synths it will still fling a bit of wet lather but it’s a great knot, although I don’t know if either of the sellers (Brushguy/Envy Shave) still sell just the knot or even if they’re still in business. It’s not the same as the black synth from Maggards or any other vendor I’ve tried, for superior to those IMO which splay far too much. As for boar, the regular ones from TGN are great, again tons of backbone but without the scritch, I won’t use any other boar.

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