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Synergy AS

Anyone have any feedback on the Synergy line of after shaves, I have been think of pick up a soap or 2 and the aftershave to go along. I also see they added a slash recently. Mainly interested in its soothing post shave.
I asked this same question about 6 weeks ago and only one person responded saying he tried it and it was great.
I actually own two of the Synergy after shaves. I have the Bay Rum aftershave balm, which is a thick creamy balm that comes out of a pump. I also own the Synergy Coconut Bay after shave butter, which comes in a stick. It basically looks like a large glue stick from when we were kids, and you literally use it the same way on your face after a shave. Both of these products have my highest endorsement. They contain all natural ingredients, they have no alcohol in them, provide fantastic moisturizing properties to the skin post shave, and smell absolutely divine. I want to try the alcohol-free post shave splash that HTGAM sells as well, but I haven't bought yet.
I love these AS lotions. They're new favorites for me. There's no alcohol so there's no burn. Skin feels absolutely great afterwards. Very nourishing lotions. I've tried Meta Nectar and Bay Rum. The scents are true to the soaps. I'm surprised more hasn't been written about these.
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