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Swollen Lug Nuts is a thing?!?!


Yes, I stand corrected. Now that you mentioned it that is exactly how I remember it. This explains why it was so confusing for a high school kid. Chrysler engineers figured the lugs would only spin off on one side of the vehicle and not the other. So they reverse threaded only the one side. Sigh...

I had some practice with changing those tires - does anyone else remember bias ply tires?

Got rear ended once by a VW Bug. He broke the red lens on my tail light which cost $0.75 to replace. Being a Bug he went under the rear somewhat so the impact put a crease across his entire front end to the tune of $800.00 which was a lot back then.
I sold auto parts from 86 to 92- I remember having to ask the question “which side?” :)


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International built their trucks like tractors, lots of left or right side parts. Brake shoes are the ones that I learned about.
My 2007 GMC Acadia had those stupid lug nuts. I've replaced them hear and there, over the years and finally this past year I purchased a new set of lug nuts without the chrome steel caps on eBay.
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