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Switching soaps

i'm thinking of buying Prorasco soap at my local target - i'd want to switch off between Prorasco and the Muhle Ocean Breeze that i'm currently using. Are any of these "better" shave soaps harmful to my Merkur Futur badger brush? I also use Crabtee and Evelyn Nomad and some of the Colonel Conk soaps........
No Tony. None of those soaps are detrimental to your brush. Trumpers Violet has turned some gents brushes light purple in color but no harm to the integrity of the hairs themselves.
Mike, sorry but I confused myself. You should not worry about shave soaps turning your brush different colors.
Mike, Andrew is right. I have the infamous Trumpers' Violet in their soap. While the soap is purple, I have never witnessed any evidence of my brushes turning purple. If you stick with the soaps you should be OK.
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