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Switching Hands?

I switch hands, and although my dominant hand performs better at maintaining the angle and pressure, but the reach is simple better with my left han.

The switching is especially useful when tackling the ATG pass under left side jawline (ear to chin growth for both sides, and the completely opposite just a finger's width below).
I'm getting ready for my shave and you may have convinced me to try something different. Thank you.


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My right hand except when I shave my head I use the left hand for part of the left side of the head.


I too switch hands. I'm left dominant, but do many things right handed out of years of practice (batting, scissors). I'll have to pay attention more to eveness of the shave. I've not yet noticed that one side is closer than another.
I'm also a switcher - right hand for my right side, left hand for my left, but always need to clean up a bit more on my right side more due to the swirling direction that my beard grows in on that side.
I switch hands too.
When I go wtg I use my right hand on my left side and vice versa.
When I go xtg and atg I use my right hand on my right side and my left hand on my left side.
Been wet shaving for over 20 years. Started switching hands about 15 years ago. Took a while but I'm absolutely comfortable with it now.

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I switch when using either a straight or de. It's something I have always done. Then it's not really surprising to me as I have no trouble using a knife with either hand, use most hand tools with either hand. I generally use scissors right handed as most are designed for right handed use.
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