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switch to smart watch?

I thought I lost mine a few days ago. I went as far as to price another 38 mm 3 at 170 ish and the new SE at 279ish before deciding that I would rather put that $$ toward a conventional timepiece (Casio Oceanus 200 or something from Tissot running the 80 hour movement or a a Hamilton hand wind field watch)

I then found it.

Take a way - I like having one but I would be slow to replace a lost or broken one in this time when I am working from home so much etc. My opinion might be different if I was back to "normal."

A bit of a ramble FWIW.

The Knize

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Thanks for all the input, everyone. I have sort of lost energy on this one. I had a look at the Galaxy watches at Costco and did not find myself drawn to them. From on-line photos I thought they were looking more like conventional watches. And even though it seems a little dorky, wearing a conventional watch and a Fitbit, one on each wrist, seems to serve a lot of my purposes.

I do get the concept that folks once having gone to a full-fledged smart watch generally do not go back to a regular watch. That influences me quite a bit.
Just one last thing, my Samsung S3 Classic has steel bands on it, I can put on a nice face, etc that makes it look a lot better with a suit/tie. My watch also replaced my wallet, essentially. I can pay almost anywhere (except Home Depot and some Walmarts that block it somehow) with my watch. Even old gas stations and restaurants where you pay at the big register/machine. I can just hold my watch and pay while they tell me "it won't work, we don't accept .. HOW did you do that?!", and it's great fun.

I'd say just don't look at Apple unless you have an Apple watch, and instead stick to Samsung (the winner in payment systems) or Google Wear devices. Google integrates more with your phone, but my Samsung I can get 2-3 days out of without a charge if I'm not playing games like Tetris on it. I like the conventional watch, but it seems like such a waste to have 'just' a watch when we have so many ways of getting time anymore. The ability to have, what is essentially, a PC on your wrist is great. You can get a Samsung S3 for $95. While a Google Wear watch has so much more depth, feature wise... it also has crappy battery life as a trade off.

For anyone who finds this in the future as well, it all comes down to how much technology you like having in a day. I turn off notifications when working by throwing it into DnD mode, and at night. I like have hundreds of alarms I can set on my watch, being able to put grocery lists on it, listen to music from it or headphones synced to it, calculators, voice recorders, etc. It's pretty much the dream of having a Dick Tracy watch that did it for me. :) But there is something very nice about having a watch that you know "just works", and if you were stuck somewhere and needed the time, you'd have it with no questions asked.

The Knize

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Thanks, Artimid. You have built up my energy on this again. I take it you are saying the Google Wear products work well with Samsung watches? I think I have an s10. Is there any downside to the Google watch other than battery life? I had not considered going to Google rather than Samsung.

I have to charge my phone all the time, so I guess I could charge my watch, too. And if the watch runs out of battery, I, ironically, would still have my phone with which to tell time!
....one can drink and smoke cigars while playing, and chat with whoever one is playing with.
Here in the American south we actually do this while playing slow pitch softball.....can also do while bowling


Count me in with the rest of the non smart watch crowd. Heck I still don't own a smart phone ;)
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