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Swiss Pitralon...

:smile: Hi at all,

I don't find a thread posted about the original swiss pitralon...
Does anybody of you know this great after shave??
I'm using it now about half a year and I must say, very great with a descret scent...
After, about half an hour, you can use the scent you like...

Excuse my poor english...:sad:

Grettings from Germany


Welcome to the forum! I'm not familiar with the aftershave but maybe some of the others are.

Howdy Tom,

Welcome aboard, and thanks for the recommendation. I've never heard of them, but I always like hearing about new products that aren't just part of the shaving main stream.

As for your English, no worries, it's just fine, and rest assured, it's a whole lot better than my German! :biggrin:

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