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Swaty Barbers Hone History Maribor, Jugoslavien


Sorry to bother you, but do you have any info on that 8" Swaty Hone? For starters, what color is it?

Thanks man.

Sorry, I cannot find the stone right now or any pictures (thought I hade some) but it looks just like it's little brother the real 3 line or older. I believe they are all the same. Out of all of the Swatty's I have I only know of one that may be a bit darker.

No problem. I have an 8" on the way, so I'm curious about it. It looked black in the pictures, and it's a Pike MFG Co. with a recessed area on one end that reads "Franz Swaty - Marburg, Austria (two-line). On the side of the hone/stone there's a sticker that says "The Pike MFG Co., Pike, N.H. Sole Agents For America" The text is white and the background of the sticker is maroon colored.

I've heard different stories and different experiences that people have had with the 8 inch stone, some good, and some bad.

I also bought a little "APART" hone. The word "APART" is stamped into the stone and it's flanked by two pick axes. Below that it reads "Marburg Austria". From what I've read about this hone, it's supposed to be pretty good. Apparently they're only supposed to be used to touch up a razor, so only a few passes are needed. The hone looks maroon in color.

I'm still deciding on what Japanese water stone I'm going to get, or whether I should go for one of those Imperial La Roccia stones? I have Japanese stones for my knives, but the finest grit I have is only #6000.

Any advice?

Thanks man.
Here is what I have on the Apart hone...I do have an 8"and a 4" and I have found these to be great hones.

1621888913388.png 1621888913388.png

This is a post from Razor & Stone about testing one of these. I did send Mike one of mine to test but I can't remember is this was one of them.



I have the Imperial La Roccia stones (Both the light and dark if you are interested). I have so many stones I can't use them all so I suppose it's time to move a few of them to other folks that can get some use out of them.

I can't possibly list them all but if you have any preferences just ask. The JNats are impossible for me to quantify. You would need to ask an expert (Many on this site) to match one to your needs.

The one stone that you can NEVER go wrong with is a good Thuringian or a Schwedenstein (german) if you are looking for a finisher. Again, ask the experts. I have a couple of very expensive ones.


For a great mid grit stone (Also hard to beat) is a good Washita Arkansas stone. They are no longer quarried but a good on can be found in the forums. Extremely versatile.

My progression is a good bevel setter (800-1000 grit, synthetic is fine) then on the the Washita and finish with a good Black Hard or Translucent. I may switch to the Thuringian depending on the blade but just these three is really all I need.

Remember not all stones with the same name are equal. You must be careful with your purchases or you too will end up with you next couple of annual paychecks belonging to someone else.

Good luck and happy hunting.
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