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SV Longevity Test Finished

I think MdC is great performing soap. I just can't stand the smell.
The scent of the original is definitely horrid. There is a resiny, medicinal, benzoin note in it that unfortunately reminds me a little bit of the formaldehyde of the cadavers in first-year med school anatomy. The performance, in my opinion, is good but not great. Maybe I underestimate the performance because I dislike the scent so much......


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I love all the MdC scents, but just a note on benzoin, the scent does not last long. I have the original in brain bowl and I’m down to about the rim of the bowl and the benzoin is long gone, just a nice nutty, sweet lavender is left. I also have a MdC benzoin bath bar that I like in cooler weather and guess what? It’s now basically unscented at half used, and it’s one of the smaller 100g bars.


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And now we need more data on other products, like Santa Maria Novella. I know I got a lot of shaves from my first tub, but the new one has slightly less product and is formulated differently. I’m certain it will last a long time and I’m not planning to keep score.
I like La Toja quite a bit and use it for my travel soap. But for me it is not in the same class as SV and MdC.
As lovely as it is MdC it has lost it's standing in my inventory, sold it to make room. Recently tried a sample from Maggards as a reality check. No change. MdC was eclipsed by an artisan soap and La Toja. SV level shave, no. As usual YMMV.
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Interesting. I shave every day. Been using a puck of SV manna di sicilia for a little over a year now. I still have some left, I'm guessing about another month's worth.

I would also expect much more than 175 2 pass shaves from a tripple milled puck of 150 grams. Roughly 300. But with SV I am hoping for more. Your experience seems to be closer to mine.
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