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Discussion in 'Brush Making and Restorations' started by Graydog, Mar 15, 2019.

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    Whatever you name them, the description is awesome.
  2. Again and again, good work as always.
  3. Nuts! I just barely missed out being a young'un. Do I at least get to be a teen, being over 50?

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  4. Graydog

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    Different handle ,that wood was farther away from the knot inclusion
  5. Graydog

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    I think Jupiter fits perfect . You should see the shimmer in the grain
  6. Graydog

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    Seems to have more purple the closer you to the knot also
  7. Graydog

    Graydog Contributor

    The knot goes all the way through from one side to the other
  8. At first I thought "it can't be sand, I have spent too much time doing training missions and being deployed in sand." However, the idea has grown on me. Oddly enough, I miss being deployed, in some ways (although not in others). However, I have been fortunate, as I have never experienced enemy fire.

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  9. i was looking at the grain and the knot so much I didn't notice that this is pictures of two different brushes. So you could name them Desert Sands and Jupiter.
  10. Man, those are beautiful, Steve! I didn't know that you had the connections at SpaceX. When you told me about your plans to travel to such distant planets, I'll admit that I was sceptical. However, I now believe that the flights were worthwhile.

    I'm surprised that SpaceX let you bring back that chunk of rock. It's usually against protocol, isn't it? OOOOOHHHHH!!! Did you SMUGGLE it back?!?!?!?! Gasp! That's so unlike you.

    Either way, I'm glad to see the lathe leprechauns still visit your shop. They do great work. Was it difficult to turn stone? It seems like your tools would get dull very quickly.

    Seriously though, much like turning cedar, I imagine mesquite making the whole place smell GREAT.

    Congratulations on the handles. A class act as always.
  11. Great work!! :a29:
  12. I was not in the military but I imagine it's a family where you learn and grow. I see a place where experience and relationships are made. I could see how you could miss it.

    My apologies for missing your qoute.

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  13. No apologies are necessary, at all. I find it odd to miss those times. It seems crazy, to be honest. There is just something unique about those situations that makes me miss it. I think it is the idea of participating in something bigger than myself.

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  14. Graydog

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    Desert Sands is .................No More .
    I had just finished polishing it and I dropped it on the cement floor
    Now the sand has a crack in the cup :( . I reckon I can try and fix it somehow.
    I will have to look at it with new eye's tomorrow .
  15. You could fill the crack with two part epoxy and a little bit of sand simular to what I did hear Some days are better than others with epoxy and brass. It would be heck on the tools for a little bit but may end up pretty cool if done right.
  16. Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, I can relate, as I have had bowls fly off the lathe.

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  17. Sad to see that befall another beautiful piece. Again, Steve, I join the others here who think highly of your work.
  18. Graydog

    Graydog Contributor

    So I started the fix of the sand
    I used some good old "Backyard" Maple 20190327_152723.jpg
  19. Ah the glorious Back 40 Maple. World renowned for it's sheer tensile strength and will to be beautiful. I have more than once found myself curious as to the secrets of Steve's back yard. It seems that there is magic there which makes mortal trees into towering giants. It's sad to see a being as majestic as this "tree" fall, but my GOD! I swear when it hit the ground, the mystical reverberation could be felt as far south as Argentina. There are those who have speculated that this very tree is responsible for the collapse of Venezuela's government. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but the dates line up, folks...

    This brush could be the harbinger of doom. DOOM, I SAY!!! Or maybe it's going to be really spiffy. What do I look like, some sort of sayer of sueth? No, my friends. I'm just an old spare tire lying behind Steve's shed.

    Don't worry about me, Steve. I'll just be here rusting buddy. Boy, we sure had some good times though, didn't we? Remember the time you went necking with that girl and I saved your bacon? Yeah. Good times...

    Hey. Hey, Steve? Why are you looking at me like that? Oh! Are we going somewhere? Wow! Been a while since I moved. Haha... Ow. Um... So...where are we going...buddy?
    Hey, is this the way into the woods? Why are we going back this far? Sure is dark... And quiet...
  20. Wow, That is going to look amazing. You certainly have a talent for picking out interesting grain patterns, and shaping the handle to best display them.

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