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surfers unite.

all the surfers on here post you fave wax board and pics..
would love to see what you have.

$kj 003.jpg
Whats your guess where this is? one clue UK


$kj 009.jpg
little pink surf shop..
Here's a shot of my local break, Lido West, Long Island, NY (got not idea where your Pink Surf Shop is!)

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Ooh that's a sweet wave nice pipe is that beach break? I use sex wax berry 3x cold all year. Don't think I have ever seen a wave that nice in the uk . What's your water temps there?

thought you might like that
on a good day once in a blue moon but very cold
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All the breaks on Long Island are, unfortunately, beach breaks and we only get really good waves (over 6 feet) four or five times a year. My boss allowed me to leave work early, one day, during a hurricane last year - it was exceptional, double overhead conditions and I got pummeled! Water runs from about 76F in the summer to as low about 38F in winter. With a good wet suit, you can go out from March 1 through the first week in December.... some dedicated nuts go out all winter!
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Here's a recycled shot that I posted for a special, "show your other hobbies" in the Shave of the Day thread...

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Check out surfline.com. They have live cameras on breaks around the world. Lido West is next to the camera at Long Beach, New York. The camera is great, you can 'know before you go" as they say.

Googled the pink surf shop...
Croyde bay, N,Devon. Established in 1987... isn't the internet grand!
I put the little Google guy on the roads and took a look around your break - looks like you have it all to your self... very nice!

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No its full to the brim of people in the Summer From all over the world. The temps here range from winter 40f (5c) summer 59f (15c) that's abut average last winter was out in the snow. Gotta love the little Google guy makes the world smaller . When you get a chance Google porthcurno that's a sweet surf spot.. wish my boss was like that had the best break of the year no you can't have the day off..
If I'm not mistaken is the 6f a js flying pig.
Porthcurno looks really nice and warm in this photo:


I bought the Flying Pig, this summer, for $300 US from a woman who was selling off her newly divorced husband's valuables. I took it out a few times but, the waves weren't big enough to get it going - not sure if I'll ever stand up on such a short board. You have a nice looking sled! It looks like a McTavish but, the logo is a bit different... can't put my thumb on it.
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I wish. She is made by escape (nose rider) one out the first to be made by hand before that board went to japan for vacuum pressing. It cost me £450 (730$)no sure in us doller .. what sort of tail dose the pig have. Over Jere we use swallow tails or fish quad as the waves are bit weak. If you ever get the chance to come to the UK and surf do it the waves are not great but its beautiful..
And hope to get cash sorted and surf over there as I think the us is beautiful place..
I will try and get a pic of my BIC mass made board. 7f6

these are not mine or own the rights but thought you would like to see the uk in action surf

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The Flying Pig is a tri-fin squash tail. It's got a flat tail that makes it easy to stand up and lean against a wall.
If you make it to the US for some surfing, I strongly suggest Southern California. The West coast gets more consistent surf per week than anywhere else. You can drive up the coast and hit 5 different spots a day.
I'll check out the vids later this evening.

Ever hang five or ten? I never caught a ride, while on my longboard, long enough to give it a go. I caught a few nice rides on my 7' Baracuda but, the normal waves around here close out fairly quickly.
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Croyde looks like it gets some fast waves!
The ASP had a leg of the World Cup in Long Beach, New York last year. Long Beach beach is about 1/4 mile West of where I like to surf. (My not-so-secret spot, Lido West, has less crowds and the rock jetties are further apart.) I was lucky enough to see Kelly Slater and Taj Barrow surf a heat each. During the event, there were two days with 9 footers from an offshore hurricane that was passing by. It was the first pro event ever in NY and probably the last due to the inconsistent surf.
Here's some footage of the event - unfortunatley, the musak is really cheezy...

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ahh i remember watching that on sky sports.. nice big waves but looks like short rides? the only one i have seen is the cold water classic in Scotland..

in saunton/croyde yea love long fast waves esp.. saunton at low tide go out about 1/2 mile and get 10 min rides.. some times hang ten walk the board ect..
i think saunton is made for longboarding..
if you get the chance have a look on youtube for scotland coldwater classic.

found long island on magic seaweed :)
saunton sands longboarding not mine or me ect....

just shows saunton my fave place due to longboarding
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Oh man! I wish we had long rides like that around here. I don't think I had a ride that lasted more than 30 seconds on Long Island. The longest ride I had was during my one visit to Waikiki Beach in Hawaii. It was also about a 1/2 mile paddle to the good break but, it was only a 3 or 4 minute ride. The trouble with Long Island beaches is the sand bottom- it's always moving around making for very inconsistent conditions.

Here's me playing footsie with my leash on Waikiki Beach with a rented 9'6"...

Ohh I'm envious what a beautiful place dong have enough cash yo go there yet.

I see if I have any pics of me not sure 9 times out of ten I go on my own. As I surf long sessions 4 ta 6 hours is average. Actually I have some that need to go to the printers in a couple of weeks due to tight funds. :(
4-6 hour surf sessions... the good old days! Now, I go out for about 2 hours and run out of gas. These days, I paddle out, catch 3 or 4 waves, lie on the beach for 30 minutes, repeat and head home!
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