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Suprised this G-bar did not sell

Well i for sure wouldn't bid on it, since its in a language i cant understand, Also its not a good picture, and its over seas for some of us here in the USA :eek:/

Why go out of my way to get this one when there are so many here in the USA :eek:)

What if you have an issue? and you have to ship it back? you will be out of shipping both ways :eek:/ Not worth it in my opinion its not like its a Rare item.
When did New Jersey separate itself from the USA?

The link was from the dutch ebay so maybe that confused you.

Just tought G-bar's easily went for more.
Bad picture, looks like it's in rough shape, high starting price.
You'd be taking a risk on the actual condition and for $13 you can get a lot more.
My gut feeling tells me that if it started lower, it would have sold for more. Ebay psychology is weird.

A better picture would certainly have helped.
Price was too high for condition of the razor IMHO. It is easy to buy a very nice GEM G-bar for the $10.00 to $15.00.
I guess I overestimated the value of the G-bar razors. When I was on the lookout for a single edge razor, I could not find anything like that for such a price and I settled for a user grade push button.
That one is in pretty rough shape. I have a pristine G-Bar (i would swear it was never used) and I paid less than $10 including shipping. I've never paid more than $10 for an SE....usually quite a bit less.
I got an NOS G-bar (in a box, cardboard blade insert, instructions, box of blades still wrapped in cellophane) for $4.99. I know that was an exceptional deal but I still believe there is no reason to settle for a G-bar that's in less than perfect condition. I've seen many nice ones on the 'Bay.
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