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    I have been struggling to get a good shave with the Supply V2. I have used all three base plates. The mildest one was extremely mild, the medium was barely ok, did not get a good result though. Strangely, the most aggressive plate was surprisingly inefficient. I have sensitive skin and tough whiskers. I wonder if I am just getting the angle wrong. Any ideas or suggestions would be welcome.
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    I went to their website and think I found your problem. This razor was designed by a former military fighter jet engineer. Most of these jets are single seaters and it seems to be enough to say you are a fighter pilot and you don't get too concerned about the aircraft engineering. He may be used to engineering a product that just has to be acceptable to a few folks.

    Crew aircraft (Tanker/Cargo/Bomber jets) on the other hand are engineered to accommodate many different crew-members with different jobs and perspectives. Many also carry passengers and require their expectations/demands be addressed during the engineering phase of aircraft acquisition.

    Most of your great razors have traditionally been designed by multi-crew-member jet engineers.

    Fighter Engineer..JPG
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  2. How are you finding your angle? I don't have mine anymore, but the way to find the angle is to start off with the head flush with your face. The blade will be essentially perpendicular to your whiskers, parallel with your face. It shouldn't cut at all if you try a stroke at that angle. Ever so slightly start lowering the handle towards the floor as you begin to try short strokes. You'll eventually start hearing the razor cut and that is your angle. It's maybe 10-20 degrees instead of the DE 30 degree angle or so. Hope that helps some. FWIW, I found the two dot plate good for my sensitive skin and tough, wiry beard. The three dot was too much blade feel for me. The first pass with that razor was the most efficient first pass with any razor I've ever used. CCS bordering on DFS in one WTG pass. Good luck!

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  3. It’s probably just the angle.

    The Supply v2 is a great razor (I usually use plate 1 or 2), smooth and efficient on the WTG and XTG, but you have to be very careful on any ATG or hybrid ATG passes, it can bite very easily. The Supply can be very aggressive compared to a PAL Adjustable or Schick Adjustable.
  4. I found the Supply to be very intuitive, smooth and efficient. I only have the medium plate, and I always get very close shaves with no cuts, nicks or irritation. My only complaint is that it somehow seems "soulless" - which I know is a strange thing to say about a razor.
  5. Well if you can't get it down, there's always people who will want to try it! Like me
  6. Thanks for the replies everyone. I will experiment with the angle some more and see how it goes. If it doesn't work out, I'll try to sell the razor.

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