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Supply SE with shave oil? (and other SEs)

Long time browser, first time poster!

I have been a DE shaver for 10 or so years. Over the corse of that time I have had to switch from using shave cream to using fractionated coconut oil (aka MCT oil). This has helped a lot with keeping my face and hands from getting to tried out from using shave cream (plus it is a little faster).

I recently ran across an advertisement for the Supply SE, and started looking more into SE razors again. The DE razor is pretty easy to take apart and clean after every shave (oil has a good way of collecting hair and making things dirty). The one thing that I am concerned about, is how the razor would do with the oil, and the gunk it creates?
The oil is petty thin (I works pretty well with a multi blade too). I am normally a 1.5 pass shaver (above the jaw gets 2 passes along with about half of the center line chin down).

I looked a little more into how to take apart the Supply SE for cleaning, and it looks like there are only 4 parts to it. The Pro has more parts due to it's adjustability and would be more concerning.
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