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Supply SE/Pro vs Vintage Schick Injector

Hi All,

I have a couple of vintage Schick injectors. They used to be my go to razor until I got my OneBlade Hybrid. They just give me as smooth and close of a shave as the OneBlade.

I’m looking at trying a Supply SE or Pro.

My questions are these:

1. Is there much difference between the Supply razors and the Schick?

2. Is there a difference between the Schick blades from Amazon and Supply’s own blades?

3. Should I just try the Supply blades in my Schick?

The Pro adjustable would be most similar to the vintage Schicks. The SE is very much not the same in my opinion. I highly recommend the Supply Pro!

As far as blades, the Black Label are quite good, but the injector key does not work well with the older razors. You would have to first load them into an empty Schick injector body to use them. I get a good shave from both the Schick and the Supply Black Label blades. For that matter, the Personnas work well for me, so maybe my opinion on blades isn't worth much!
There is definitely plenty of information on here for each of those individually. I do need to update my review of the Pro, maybe ask questions in one of those threads.
Thanks for the replies.

I actually meant to say the injectors DON’T give nearly as smooth or close of a shave as the OneBlade.
I don't have a OneBlade, but I do use the Feather FHS10 blades in my AutoStrop razors. I find Injector blades to be much longer lasting, and just better all around than the FHS10.
I agree the Feathers don’t last…but, they give me the best shave I’ve ever had, with the least irritation.
Ah, that makes more sense! There is one person on here who almost gave up on the Supply because it has a "feature" where the blade can reach your skin if your angle is too steep. They are very smooth shavers, but it sounds like your problem is with the blades. I can't recommend the Black Labels to start with, maybe you need to find the right blade though before deciding whether to buy a Supply. I have vintage injectors and they do shave different, maybe easier to learn the correct angle while trying out blade?
I have not used the OneBlade personally. My go to razors in the past were vintage injectors, mostly schicks. I had an original supply and didn’t persevere with it. Still the razor I most regret selling. I have a Supply Pro and really enjoy it. Between it and my Blackland Sabre (I usually use the L1 plate but also like the L2 plate) I rarely use anything else. I find the pro gives me a close and smooth shave, and find their black blades quite good. I did not get good shaves out of the Personna blades in my schicks personally, usually use Proline B20s, can get decent shaves out of the China made Schick blades but find them a bit harsh on the first shave or two. Now to your specific questions:

1) depends on which Schick. The shaves may be somewhat similar but the shave experience and heft of the Supply is very different. I find the supply pretty effortless to shave with, sometimes had to really over shave an area with the schicks to get some areas smooth. That varied significantly with the razor though. The I-1/2 and older I didn’t have issues with this. I could dial the type M to what I needed, or I could put a twin in the later model razors and this would increase efficiency closer to the supply/older schicks, but usually not all the way as efficient.

2) I addressed this a bit above, I think the black blades are excellent. Haven’t used them in my schicks as of yet though.

3) Someone else answered this better above, apparently the key may not work as well. I had no issues with the Supply with them (which I’d expect).
1) depends on which Schick. The shaves may be somewhat similar but the shave experience and heft of the Supply is very different. I find the supply pretty effortless to shave with,. I could dial the type M to what I needed,
Looks like you have both the supply adjustable and the Schick M adjustable. I have a M3 as well. It is one of my favorite razors, particularly paired with the supply blacks or Schick yellows. Any thoughts on the supply adjustable versus the M3? Worth spending the money on the supply?
I like the vintage schick adjustable with the twin blades and the supply se with the single blades, either Schick or Supply Black Label. I have the supply pro and it is fine, but I like the schick adjustable better. It is lighter and easier to adjust.

None of these razors are bad, all of the above is about picking the best from a field of great of razors.

Personally, I could have just the supply se, pro or schick adjustable as my single razor and be just fine.
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