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Supply Provision V1 with Twin Injector Blade

Greetings and Happy Shaves!

I posted this under another thread but thought it may be informative for the general SE crowd. I tried a vintage schick twin injector blade in a Supply Provision V1 and had an incredibly close but comfortable shave. I had read on another posting that twin injector blades wouldn't work in the Supply, but it did for me today. As below, I took the razor apart to set the blade rather than using the key. I sincerely respect everyone in this forum and am very thankful for the help I've received on this enjoyable journey / hobby of wet shaving and wanted to pass along some helpful information. Thanks again.


"So this is resurrecting an older post but I thought I would throw my 2 cents in here. I'll need to post it in another area as well because I found it quite illuminating. Disclaimer, I have both the Type O clone as well as the V1 Supply Injector razor. I had both and returned V2... but I was actually looking to trade or sell the V1 because despite doing everything I could, I could never get a comfortable and close shave with either version of the Supply razor. I have a VERY coarse beard secondary to my time in the military and having to shave everyday and my neck is very sensitive. So no matter what, I couldn't get a good balance between close/comfortable and irritation free. I always felt like I had to apply more pressure or make way too many passes to mow down my stubble.

Now, that aside. I still have V1 because I obtained it second hand from another forum user and I didn't want to entirely give up on it. I recently fell in love with the twin injector blades because another user that sent me the Schick Type O clone, included a twin injector blade. OMG, incredible if someone hasn't tried them... Truly amazing. Hopefully someday they will be easier or at least less expensive to acquire. My current supply are vintage ones I acquired on the Bay. The twin injector blades opened my eyes to using injectors more (I then acquired a Shick type M adjustable because of the twins). The Type O with a twin injector blade is a very comfortable, irritation free and close shave. I thought, why not try a twin injector in the Supply V1? They work well with my sensitive skin... why not try? I read in the forums that "it wouldn't work." Well, let's just say, V1 DOES WORK. I didn't load it with the key obviously - I took the head apart and slid it in and then reassembled. Please see photos below. There is a visible slight gap on the side of the razor, but it doesn't affect the shave. Plus with V1, there was always a slight gap secondary to the way they were manufactured. Anyway, I am always searching the forums for helpful information and thought I would pass this info along to anyone in case they were in my boat with the Supply Razor. I love these vintage twin injectors and am going to use them more and more. I'll keep using this set up and maybe I'll keep the Supply V1. :)"

Wishing everyone good shaves!



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Glad to hear that you're enjoying the twin blades, Josh. It's good to learn that they will, indeed, work in the Supply razors.
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