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Superior Swords - Has anyone had experience with this NZ retailer for Straight Razors?

I thinking about getting my first Straight Razor and came upon this NZ retailer/ manufacturer.

This company shows a nice looking range of Straight Razors at reasonable NZ prices.
Looks like they also have an Auckland showroom but I don't live in Auckland.
They also have their range listed on TradeMe and offer a $35.00 honing service option when purchasing.

As I don't have any previous experience with a Straight I'm not wanting to invest too much at this stage. I was looking at their two budget models at around the $20 mark.

Just wondered if anyone here has dealt with them before or knows of the quality of their products?

Any thoughts?
I have no experience with Superior Sword however, after looking at it, I would steer away from their $20 SR. They do not state the blade width. From the look of it and the stated edge length, it would appear to be a 5/8 or great blade width.

The description states that the blade is only 4mm thick. As a 5/8 SR, this would equate to a natural bevel of about 14deg. As a 6/8, it would be about 11deg. These sorts of bevel angles on 420 stainless steel do not hold up well when shaving.

My very first "straight razor" was very similar to the $20 one that you are looking at. Mine cost about USD 5 and I soon learnt that it was really just a RSO. I then bought a real SR for about USD 30 and have not looked back.

Now my SR's are costing me USD 50 to 100 each. I only have 34 of them.
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