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Super speed confusionititis

Hi all,
I've been de shaving for 6 months and currently use a slant every few days. I'm now need a milder razor for everyday use. I'm looking to buy a super speed and tech as folks seem to recommend these for everyday use. I need help on a recommendation. After looking at ebay, I'm starting to get dizzy and confused :confused1 trying to understand the difference between a Red / blue / black / flair tip, the different numbers e.g.A-1, and whether there is any difference depending on what decade it was made in.

hope this is the right location for this post. thanks in advance for any help on this.

I recommend a fat-handled Tech and a 1940s-style SS.


Super Speed:

You should be able to get both fairly cheap either here on B/S/T or eBay.
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