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Super-Max Titanium; wow!

Ad Astra

The Instigator
Finally got around to trying a tuck of these from a blade sampler.

Threw it into a Tri-Slot Tech. Figured it would be similar to an Astra, Personna, etc.

WRONG! Hadn't shaved two centimeters before I realized these were akin to Feathers, IMHO.

Sharp, sharp, sharp. Close, close, close. Part of it was the razor, but dayum.

Just ordered a 200-pack based on one shave. Love this blade!

See another current thread on the Platinum. Can't speak for that one, but the Titanium rocks.

any other users?

I felt the same way when I first tried one! You don't really hear anything about them, but they're great blades. I wasn't expecting much at all and was very surprised at how close & smooth my shave was. I immediately checked prices on 100's but decided to hold off until I tried the rest of my blades.

Alas, I've fallen in love with the Russians, so after this pack is gone, that's it for me. Then again, I could always have a blade on the side...
Yup, the SuperMax Super Platinums were my first 100 blade purchase, and over 2 years later, they are still one of my favorites. I bet the Titaniums are very similar.
I bought 1,000 Super-Max Titanium Swedish Steel Blades last year when they were on sale for $.09 on Amazon. These blades are sharp and smooth. I have enjoyed all of the Super-Max line of blades.
I tried one but was not that impressed. However, I've come to realize a lot of blades have some variability in quality. I'm wondering if I just got a sub-par blade in my sampler.

Anyone interested in trading me a tuck of the SuperMax Titanium for a tuck of Astra SPs?

Ad Astra

The Instigator
Man! They should update their website once in a while.

The two 100-packs came yesterday. Very cool; they come on a retail-sales-point card (as seen above). Suppose I could hang it up in the bathroom and charge myself .25 every time I need a tuck ...

Got a fifth shave out of it today, so longevity is average/good. I get 4-5 out of most of them (ahem, ST-300s = 3 shaves).

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