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Super Boot Sale at Dayton Boots

Just noticed this post and figured I would comment on it since I have a pair of Dayton Service Boots and know a bit about the company from following discussions about them on the Goodyearwelt subreddit. The parade boots are actually somewhat unlike the Iron Rangers, although I take your point. They don't have heel counters and the last is quite a bit slimmer than the Iron Ranger. Also, unlike the Iron Ranger, the toe profile is much nicer for casual wear. The parade boot is closer to a dress boot than a work boot. The Iron Ranger is really the quintessential work wear type boot.

If you are familiar with the Canadian boot makers, allegedly Dayton sold Viberg a version of the last which ultimately became the Viberg 2030 last, if I am not mistaken, and so there are some similarities between the two. That is probably a closer comparison than is Red Wing, although I realize most people have probably never heard of Dayton or Viberg, hence the Red Wing compare.

Anyway, despite the Viberg last history, I would say that the attention to detail is better with Viberg and this is reflected in the cost. There can be some sizing drama with Dayton. There are also build defects that some people experience. There are also way more interesting leather options with Viberg. With that said, Vibergs are also quite a bit more expensive. Finally, last I heard, there have been some ownership and management type issues lately with Dayton. I haven't kept up with this really but it may be something to look into prior to ordering.

Finally, in terms of sizing, the rule of thumb is to go down 1 full size in length and up 1 full size in width. My service boots, for instance, are a 9E and my brannock size is a 10D. Anyway, I agree that this is a good deal for a very nice handmade boot.
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