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Super- and Uber-latherers, where are you?

I have so many soaps/cremes that I'll never use up, so why not. I love lavender, so I add a touch of Trufitt & Hill or QCS lavender to IK or other non-lavender, lightly scented soaps.

IK with Trufitt & Hill Lavender is the best. QCS Lavender added to Speick or MWF is wonderful as well.


I currently rotate Tabac, MWF, and Cella. This includes a 50/50 blend of Tabac and MWF that I milled and packed in a soap tub. When I use Tabac and/or MWF, I almost always spike it with a dab of Peterman's 1903 smeared in the bottom of my lathering bowl. But I do it more because I like the way 1903 smells than for the sake of whatever enhancement it otherwise contributes to the resulting lather.
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Some interesting ideas in here, thank you. I'm glad people still do it. I've got a little bottle of glycerine right on the sink.


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This morning was VDH Luxury and CO Bigelow, served up with the new B&B Essentials brush. Great brush, great lather, awesome shave!
My latest über-discovery is C&E West Indian Limes soap + Erasmic cream. Works beautifully with the both the old and the current, reformulated Erasmic.
This morning's überlather was VDH Deluxe, 1/2 pump of KMF key lime, and four drops of glycerin, with a little more water than usual.

Lovely. Just lovely.
I used Mike's orange , and lime samples along with the new proraso blue the other day. I pressed each sample on seperate sides of my lather mug and used a little cream. The lather smelled really nice, I dont mix products a lot but I really liked this.
When traveling (with a limited soap selection) I would put some of one type of stick on my beard then load the brush with puck soap.

This was more out of boredom than experimentation :001_smile
I usually superlather with soap and cream of the same kind, namely Speick soap with Speick cream, and Palmolive soap with Palmolive cream. I have the feeling that adding a bit of cream to the mostly soap lather makes it a bit slicker and more stable.
I haven't tried other combos yet, but I hear that Speick soap and MWF are supposed to make a fine combo.
Williams with Arko cream is my favorite. I think the überlather movement came to a screeching halt when astroglide was introduced into the mix. If that thread isn't in B&B's greatest hits then I don't know what could be.
I face lather and start with a stick on my beard and load my brush from a puck. I love tabac/MWF killer combo. La toja / DRH Arlington is nice also
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