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    Is anyone familiar with this fragrance? Can you give me a scent break down?
  1. It smells fresh and soapy, kind of like Irish Spring. There is a good pine/conferous note in it. I have the blue colored one and it is one of my wife's favorite scents on me.
  2. From two sites:
    1. savory bay leaf, clean lemon and spicy sage
    2. Top notes are caraway, juniper berries, pepper, artemisia, basil, sage, bergamot, lemon, galbanum, bay leaf and petitgrain; middle notes are aldehydes, carnation, jasmine, caraway, rose, pine tree needles, geranium and spicy notes; base notes are leather, sandalwood, fir, patchouli, musk, oakmoss, vetiver and cedar.
    From it's site:
    It begins with a blend of crisp citrus top notes, harmonized by warm herbaceous heart notes and rich spices. SUNG HOMME is a distinctive scent with subtle persistence. Velvety oaks and sensual musk notes complete the tenacious residual of this intriguing classic.​
  3. Totally worth the $10 you'll spend on it at Marshall's. I really can't add anything else, Soapy, Piney, Smoky. After a few hours I find it becomes similar to Halston Z-14..
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  5. So I remembered seeing it at Marshall's. Decided that I'd go andah and pick it up. For ten bucks, why not?

    It's on my forearm now. I quite like it, actually, as 'generic soap' as it may be. Fresh and clean. Would be nice as something to spray on before you walk out the door when you can't decide on anything else.
  6. I still haven't found a definitive answer as to why some juice is blue and some is purple..
    Mine is totally blue.

  7. My new bottle is unmistakably purple. Different atomizer, as well.
  8. 1.7 oz or 3.4 oz? and is your atomizer separate from the lid? Mine is all one piece.
  9. The violet-purple juice is more vintage and the blue with the separate cap and spray head is the bottle widely available now. It's a soapy one as mentioned so there isn't that much of a difference between old and new.
  10. 1.7oz and the atomizer is separate from the lid.
  11. Correction, 3.4oz. Sorry.
  12. Well, mine is blue juice w/ all-in-one cap/sprayer. Maybe the 1.7 size kept the connected sprayer? hmm.
  13. Hey that's possible maybe it was packaged differently in the States vs Canada not sure. I should have used the word older instead of vintage had a different integrated sprayer. Either way it's a bargain at that price if you like it.
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  14. In my experience its very long-lasting. One spray is enough to last me all day.
  15. I don't get Irish Spring from it exactly, but it's close. For me, a definite spiciness penetrates the soap scent, something that is almost potpourri like. It's a weird fragrance, but very likable. It's masculine but not in a brawny or heroic way like Aramis. It's gentlemanly, restrained and semi-exotic. Nothing else smells quite like it. It's barbershop-esque and evokes the late 80's and early 90's in a way you may not be able to place.
  16. A lot of people on line compare this stuff to Irish Spring soap.I don't get that.There is a soapy component but to my nose it is a high quality spicy lavender soap.Smells quite a bit like some turkish bath soap I have.It is pretty nice,nothing revolutionary or daring.Just a solid nice scent.I think a lavender aftershave/balm of some type would pair well with it.

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