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Sunday Kayak Trip

The LOML and I took our kayaks out for an easy 4 mile (round trip) paddle on the Bartram Canoe Trail in southern Jacksonville. The trail had been closed for over a year because road construction destroyed the launch. Fortunately, the folks that keep the trail were able to construct another launch, clear out the blow downs, and reopen the trail.

No pictures, but it was a very nice paddle. Blackwater river, cypress trees, turtles, fish, various birds of prey, a few small alligators, and even some deer. A lovely way to spend the morning. Very glad the trail is back open for paddling.

Ad Astra

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"Within nature."

Tried a sail with my 'yak, was on my way to the shipping channel in no time!

A 6 week old thread and folks are still complaining about no pictures! I dug out a couple from the same place but 7 years ago. Looks basically the same.