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Summer undershirt dilemna

Any decent microfiber shirt would be good. You don't have to get screwed by Underarmour. Even Hel-Mart has decent ones by Starter. I wear those underneath my kevlar. Which gets a bit warm in our 98-degree, humid nights.
You need one of the new "Microfiber" undershirts. Someone mentioned UnderArmor, but they are now made by many other companies, including Jockey.

I cannot tell you the difference microfiber makes in clothing worn next to the skin. The fibers literally "wick" perspiration away from the body, so the fabric that stays in contact with your skin remains dry. It absolutely DOES NOT get "soggy" like cotton t-shirts do. Microfiber t-shirts hang dry very easily, and are generally simple to launder, they last longer, and retain their shape much better than cotton t-shirts.

Buy one, try it out, and report back with your findings.

I use these shirts to work out sometimes and while they do wick the perspiration away from your body they tend to make me sweat more. While working out this is acceptable because sweating isn't a problem and they keep you cooler, but I don't know if you want this happening underneath your regular clothes. Then again YMMV.
Well, that certainly makes complaining about being a little warm in my button-down shirt seem a little silly. :biggrin:

Well, bro, we all have our own sets of problems to deal with. I feel sorry for day shifters! I absolutely despised working accidents in the Texas sunbeatdown days. Sweat like you're running a half mile just standing there. And then some guys have to ALWAYS wear long sleeves because of tats. :nonod: Then again I sweat a lot. I can't wear cotton undershirts. I'll heat up real fast.
The answer could also be as simple as changing antiperspirants.
(assuming you're using one and not just deodorant... There's a big difference between an antiperspirant and a deodorant, but I'm sure you know that.)

Studies have shown that over time your body becomes accustomed to the formula in an antiperspirant.
Something as simple as changing brands can sometimes have a huge effect if you've been using the same antiperspirant/deodorant for a very long time.

Studies have also shown that two applications per day are almost always better than one.
Put it on in the morning before you head to work, and again mid-afternoon.
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under armor - jockey are two of the big names. Most large department stores now carry at least a few microfiber t-shirts. I believe i've even seen them at target.

One problem is that these shirts were originally developed for athletes, and as such they often have logos or stripes that may show through white shirts. Jockey, u/a, and a few other companies are now making "no visible logo" shirts without them.

You may find "off brand" microfiber shirts - you just need to look at the label. Look for things with 90-95% polyester, and 5% lycra or similar.

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