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So- there are flowers on the trees, and even some speckles of that bright green color appearing on the trees. Spring is here, and the weather is only going to be getting warmer for the next couple months which had me thinking; as I picked up a Jovan Musk, put it down, and used Grand Bay Lime Bay Rum instead- and I look and I realize I’m pretty much done with the “warmer” scented aftershaves and balms for a while- and I take stock- and I realize that in the summertime I pretty much ONLY use Col. Conk glycerine soaps, Arko creams, or proraso green, full stop.

My summer time aftershaves are EITHER Aqua Velva, Proraso Green, OR a bay rum, full stop.

So- usually when it’s warmer, I end up using cold water- don’t have AC, so it feels good- and I realize- during the colder months, it seems like I have a lot more variety in front of me or available than warmer months. Based on knowledge familiarity, mileage, etc- I don’t know what all is out there for the warmer months beyond my own experience.

With that, what is YOUR summer time shave? Anyone else feel like there is less variety in their repertoire because your stuff is better suited for the colder months? I’m just curious if anyone else has this sinking feeling in the spring…😂
What’s your summer time shave?

I'm just down the interstate from you and I'm in the same boat as I've got much more "cold" weather scents than warm. Favorites like Stirling Gentleman will be put away and Proraso red will be used less frequently. The menthol soaps will come back out and AV Ice Sport will be in heavy rotation. PdP 63 is probably the only thing that sees equal usage all year long.


Lounging On The Isle Of Tugsley.
ARKO! or something “unscented” from Col Conk, Captain’s Choice, Stirling, or Mama Bear. If I’m feeling especially crazy, I might use the Col Conk Bay Rum or even break into the Mama Bear Nag Champa sample puck.
ah, you're a bit ahead of the seasons!!

GFT cream has a citrus forward scent and will probably see more love as things heat up around here. Col. Conk Southwestern Sun was taken by Mrs. Raven, if there is any left I might have a go at some point.
Dead on favorite: Cannonball by Summer Break. Smells like, yes, jumping into a cool pool and it is also cools (non-mentholated - I don't like menthol - but rather WS-23 which is flavorless). It's presently unavailable, but might be coming back, and a good second choice is Summer Break's Rope Swing which smells like a grassy yard by a lake in the summer (still cooling with WS-23 and still available). These two absolutely stand out in my list. But I also like Colonia scents like DRHarris Arlington or Ethos' Colonia, as well as some avowedly tropical beach scents like A&E's St Barts. Sometimes, but not all that often, a bay rum can slip in as well (my favorites are DRHarris, St James, and, as of recently, Sir Henry's Island Estate)
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