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Summer den cleaning PIF

Dear Gents (and ladies?),

In a short span of time, I’ve accumulated products that, realistically, will not get any use. Some I purchased new, including here on the Marketplace, some I was lucky to receive as part of a generous PIF — thank you [mention]South Dakota Guy [/mention]

Items include:
Creams: Cella (95%), Proraso Red (90%), Proraso Blue (90%).
Soaps: 3x Osma, 2 in plastic jars. All 100%.
Tabac Aftershave Balm, 99%.
A Gillette Tech razor
A WestCoast Shaving handle

I only ask that you enter this PIF if you’re going to use these products, or otherwise promise to pay it forward to others, preferably on this forum.

Winner will be drawn at random and will be announced on this thread on Friday 9pm, Pacific time.

Free shipping to CONUS. All others shipped at winner’s expense, with cost of shipment to me via Paypal F&F.

Good luck to all!



I'm in, please and thank you!

I happen to currently be in the market for a second razor for travel and most of those soaps are either known-good performers for me or are on my "Get Around to Trying" list.
Respectfully not in but very nice PIF! Perfect for someone who’s never tired these truly classic items before!

Good on you for sharing the love @sarir97 !
Respectfully not in your generous PIF; I have enough blades, cream and soap to last for the rest of 2021. Best wishes to the PIF winner.
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