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"Sum Extre" 6/8 #72 Full Hollow with natural Paua Shell scales

Just finish this one:

-light blade polishing
-new set of natural Paua Shell Laminated scales with Black Buffalo horn wedge and microfasteners
-honing in the end but photos are taken before



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I have a Sum-Extra also but a number 88, the same razor except 13/16. I was going to rescale in paua also. Thanks for letting me see what it would look like and what I should try for. You did a great job.

For those who don't know, it's a German razor made by Johannes Jebens. They exported a lot of them to Japan where they were very popular.
I had three Sum-Extres. One got destroyed, one I sold, and one I still have. Excellent shavers!

Looks nice!
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