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Suggestions on store bought blades

Does anyone have any suggestions on store bought blades. I would like to purchase blades from a brick and mortar store rather than having to order them and pay shipping. Does anyone have any feedback on which store brands are the best, worst. Any information would help. Also I was in a local grocery store the other day and they had Gillette DE blades but they were covered in alot of dust. Is it OK to use blades that have been sitting on a shelf for an extended time?

I think most store blades are US made Personnas. They're rebranded a number of different ways. While suitable for shaving, they're typically regarded as lesser quality. Ordering online can be cost effective if your orders are large enough to spread out the S&H cost.
all i will add is dont let US personnas be the only blade you try, im one of the guys who doesnt particularly like them (well ok i hate them) and if they were the only blade i used i wouldnt be using a DE.

PS the american gillettes are regarded even lower in qaulity than the american personnas!

Everyone has their own opinion regarding the merit of the various makes of DE razor blades. I've found that it's hard to beat the American Personna blades made in Verona, Virginia (and impossible when they're bought for 14 cents each). Just be aware that the $1.39+tax/10 blade price is available at Wal-Mart. You'll pay much more (I've seen up to $5.50/10) for the various store-brand labels of these same blades at supermarkets and other shops.

As for shelf life, this doesn't appear to be a factor, especially for the stainless blades. I doubt if you'll live long enough to "outwear" a pack of these in your latrine.
Jim, where do you live? If you live in Northern Virginia or Maryland, you might want to check out Chespeake Knife and Tool in the mall. They sell Merkurs, one of THE best blades out there. I don't know if any of the cigar stores that sell shaving stuff sell the higher end blades (other than the Personas, etc..) but it might be worth a flip thru the phone book.
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