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Suggestions on creams and a/s?

I've been on the lookout for a few new of the aforementioned consumables, but I'm a little overwhelmed by the numbers of them. I've been using proraso cream for quite a while and recently have discovered Crabtree & Evelyn's Nomad. I like the scent, but I still lean a little more towards the spicy or leathery smells. Bay rums seem to be pretty popular for this crowd. I have a couple of old bottles of english leather here, but they're getting kind of skunky.

Any suggestions for what you might be using or what your personal favorites are?

I think anything by Taylor of Old Bond Street is an awesome product.

Also, I think "The Real Shaving Company" creams (available at Rite-Aid) have a very similar quality to the TOBS, at slightly less than half the cost. They are made by the same English company that produces TOBS.

Kiss My Face, available online, but also in many natural food retailers is also a very good performer.

In terms of the higher cost "luxury" creams, so far I have only tried the Sublime Citrus, and Mint creams by Cyril R. Salter. I found them to also be very good products. The smell of these creams is just phenomenal!
I'd recommend Taylors of Old Bond Street (TOBS...one of the "three T's). In my mind, they're the best bargain of the UK offerings. I have three, Mr Taylor's, Eton College, and Avocado. The first two seem to be the same cream with a different scent. Avocado is a denser cream that behaves differently. I like its scent, but some do not.
Regarding aftershaves, I could care less about their scent (as long as I don't find it unpleasant), I go for their effect. My skin tends toward oiliness, so I like splashes. You can't go wrong with Speick or Musgo. I also love the Swiss Pitralon, though its harder to find. D.R Harris "Pink" and "Sandalwood" are excellent, but expensive. For balms, Musgo and Proraso are top-notch, but for the most bang for your buck, I'd recommend QED. I especially like his "Patchouli/Tea Tree/Peppermint variety. Finally, the Thayer's products are wonderful, easily found, and priced right!
I would suggest Speick or maybe Musgo Real.

Speick has a nice spicey scent - you can get either a soap stick and tube of cream along with their most excellent after shave. MR has a grassy scent but is a great shaving cream, MR after shave balm is very good.

Both Speick and Musgo Real have a lot of followers and would be good possible additions to your den.
My current favorite combo is Trumper Coconut shaving cream followed by D.R. Harris Pink Aftershave splash. You wouldn't think coconut and rose (the scent of the Pink) would go together, but they complement each other well, as both are very subtly scented. The Coconut cream is rich and luxurious, providing good cushion and slickness; and the Pink splash is mild, soothing, and lightly moisturizing.
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