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Suggestions on blade and optionally new razor?

I've been using the merkur HD and merkur blades for a few months now. I won't say that I have mastered it, in fact probably not really close. I still get irritation in parts of my neck and near my mouth once every 4 or 5 times due to sloppy / lazy technique.

Despite needing more practice, I'm running low on blades and now need to decide what to do next. I am not really sure where to order blades, and I'm also wondering if it would be a good time to consider a new adjustable razor. If I get the razor soon I can use out the remaining merkur blade stock.

So, based on this, I have the following questions. Keep in mind that, if possible, I would like to order everything from the same place to avoid redundant shipping charges.

1. What razor baldes do you recommend trying? I have heard the merkur pats I'm using now are a bit neutral, so I'd like to try something along the lines of feathers and something at the opposite spectrum.

2. Where do you recommend getting them? This may be the most crucial question of all. I previously ordered from classicshaving.com but was not entirely sold on the whole ordeal. Everything came in order and all but I found their site a bit clunky to use.

3. If I were to consider an adjustable razor, where can I learn of the pros and cons of the various options? I know in terms of merkur there's the vision, progress, and futur, but I have no idea which of those to consider or whether other options should be included. Is there some place on this site I'm missing that describes these razors in greater detail than can be found on the summaries of various web sites?
I would check and see if LetterK has sampler packs left. I ordered one from him and he sent them out right away. I just received the pack yesterday and was able to try out the Derby this morning...I am very impressed.

This would be the best way to satisfy your curiousity on the different blades. Then you can place a large order with confidence.

As for the adjustable, there is alot of info on this forum. Joel did a review a while back which compared them all. Unfortunately I can't help you out since I only use a Merkur HD. I too have been contemplating an adjustable. After all of the research I have come to the conclusion (as with everything else) you just have to try things out and see how they work for you. There is no one razor that everyone agrees on. I believe it is not going to be which adjustable...rather which one will I buy first...and then second...
You can't go wrong with the Derby's - which can be had dirt cheap on e-bay.

Good consistent performers - I like them better than the Merkur's which are still fine blades.
Definitely try to snag a sampler pack from LetterK. I got one that I'm slowly working through. It's allowed me to figure out that I like Derbys, that I find Feathers to be a bit too sharp for me, etc.

As with everything, YMMV. So the sampler packs/decant clubs seem to be a good way to go when trying out shaving gear!

Plus, it upsets SWMBO less quickly than buying whole packages of blades/creams/colognes... :tongue_sm
About the gillette, you are referring to the ebay auctions for "new" razors unopened since 1940 or whatever?

I read through joel's reviews but wasn't able to glean much. Seems like for my taste a bigger razor is desired. So I guess it's between futur and vision. Is there any compelling reason to get the vision? I know it looks cool, but futur seems like the golden balance between price and mammothness.

I'll definitely give the injector a shot when it is available though. Seems like it might be a bit pricey for the blades, though. Compared to DE
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