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Suggestions for the wife

The wife has taken up using a DE but I don't have a soap she wants to use herself. Is there a ladies soap available? Any and all suggestions are appreciated. Something either fragrance free or very subtle she tells me.
Klar makes a ladies' soap that's lotus & ginger scented, available here.

If she's open to creams, my Mrs. absolutely loves Kiss My Face, particularly the peaches and cream scent.
If pressed to use a soap, I think my wife would go for classic italian almond/marzipan every time.
Try Mike's Natural Soaps. Maybe the Lavender which is EO or the unscented.

Perhaps Pre de Provence or IK as they are very lightly scented.
My wife DE shaves also and gravitates towards creams. She likes The Body Shop Maca Root and the various scents from KMF. Sometimes in the dry winters, she will use my Musgo Real for the moisturizing effects of the lanolin.
I couldn't recommend Kiss My Face more highly. My favorite was their lavender scent, and it's a great brushless performer for when I'm in a hurry. I've been using Razorock Don Marco as well (mmm orange), as well as Mama Bear's Rosemary and Mint and the Cocoa one.
My bride stole my Sir Irisch Moos, but when that ran out she has taken to stealing my Arko.

I think she digs the Arko guy.
Mama Bear has a whole line of floral scented soaps. She also has some perfume scents like Chanel and sd Rose. AOS had a ose cream as well.
If your woman likes the smell of chocolate/cocoa then you should DEFINITELY consider Mama Bears Cocoa shave soap. My wife says it tastes good too. It smells so good that she speaks from personal experience. :biggrin1:
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