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Suggestions for Safety Razors in the Twin Cities?

Hi, All. I'm in the market for a vintage Gillette adjustable to add to my line-up of several Techs and a Super Speed. I've been getting a bit raw and suspect that at least one of my razors is too aggressive. Thinking about a 60s-70s Slim or Black Beauty model to see how I like adjustables before investing in a Fat Boy, given the big premium those seem to command. I'll be in the Twin Cities next week and am sure there must be a couple antique dealers who specialize in razors -- hopefully dealers who like to actually sell them, and price accordingly -- but I don't know how to find them and don't have time to wander around much. Any suggestions? Thanks! FR
I'm interested in this topic as well, but don't have anything to help. I did a quick web search and was unable to find anything. I did find a list of stores with shaving supplies, but I didn't see anything that was a lead to vintage razors.
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