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    Title says it all.

    In a long string of BlackBerry incidents, the latest is that my Torch won't hang up. You have to hang up, so if I place the call the battery has to come out.

    I'm thinking of a Galaxy, but ultimately want something small enough to fit in my front jeans pockets and am not sure if they're too bulky for that.

    Your thoughts?
  1. I have the LG L9 II and I'm pretty satisfied with it.
  2. Take a look at the Motorola Moto X. They're available on every carrier and you can find pretty good deals if you want to buy one without a contract. Part of my reasoning for picking this phone was that I like to keep my phone in the front pocket of my jeans as well. It fits perfectly. VERY comfortable. The only additional software that isn't "standard" Android stuff is to support the added features of the phone such as voice commands and the Active Display. I'm completely happy with it after about 4 months.
  3. Toothpick

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    well I'm going to suggest iPhone because that's what I've had for a long time now and I love it.
    small enough to fit in my jeans pocket is the biggest factor for me since I don't use a phone case and 99% of the time that's where the phone is. I think the iPhone fits well.

    I'm not familiar with non Apple phones. I think these days the biggest feature to think about is screen size. What do you plan on doing with the phone? Watching videos? Playing games? ...then you might want a phone with a bigger screen size.

    listening to music, making phone calls, texting...a smaller phone will do the trick.

    All smart phones pretty much do the same thing now so IMO it just comes down to what operating system you want and what screen size.
  4. Chadao

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    I had an iphone and it was great. But when it went crazy, Apple gave me very bad advice. I have a Samsung Note 3 which is terrific but will not fit in your jeans.
  5. +1 on the moto x. Also, Samsung has an s4 mini which would do the trick
  6. Samsung Galaxy 4 owner here and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. It is on the large side and might not be the best for front pocket carry. While certainly slim enough (without a case), it is a bit tall and wide. It would fit but might not be very comfortable. The HTC One is also a beautiful phone with a build quality and materials that rival an iPhone and would be worth checking out. Both phones are nearing a year old and the price should have begun to subside slightly.
  7. Iphone hands down.

    No phone out there in the market is perfect. But if it is one phone that has nailed most of the factors, it is the iphone.

    But then again it depends on your requirements..
    If you want something in between a phone and tablet you can consider the samsung line. But in my opinion thats just hideous.

    I mean seriously its called a 'MOBILE' device for a reason.
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  8. I think the Moto X, Nexus 5, or iPhone are great choices.
  9. Thanks for all the advice! I have an iPhone as my personal, and agree that it's a good phone, but I would feel strange having two iPhones.

    I remember years ago when I was fed up with my Treo (that was the business phone of the day) and thought the Blackberry was great. Now it's run it's course. I'd be surprised if RIM makes it another 2 years...
  10. oc_in_fw

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    The S4 fits just fine in my jeans pocket, and I have a Body Glove equivalent of the otter box on it. I usually have it clipped to my belt, but it goes well in the pocket when I don't want to wear the clip case on the belt.
  11. Austin

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    Nexus 5 made by LG. Nice price and good phone. I replaced my HTC One and Happy with it.
  12. Thanks. Good to know!
  13. I have an iPhone 5 in a Lifeproof case, and its still small enough to put in my front pocket if I choose, and protected enough to put in my back pocket (its usual location) without damage.
  14. oc_in_fw

    oc_in_fw Contributor

    Mind you, I don't wear skinny jeans- about 25 years to old for that :). My wife has an iPhone 5-they are quite a bit smaller. I would drop into your local and check them out.
  15. I used to do iphones but apple gets more heavy handed and bigbrotherly with each incremental upgrade/update. Im rockin the Note3 now and I love it. Mine is rooted and unlocked and the whole process was really smooth. 32GB plus I have a 64GB card in it, and I can plug a thumb drive into it for easy transfer of big files or for extra storage. Try that with an iphone, even a jailbroke one. The screen is great for watching movies and battery life is fantastic. Speaking of battery, doesnt it just suck how hard it is to replace the battery in an iphone? My samsung's back pops off and theres the battery, nice and easy to swap out. I dont use the s-pen stylus but it isnt in the way so no biggie. Full compatibility with tmobiles oddball 3g/4g frequencies. Nice and thin. Way cheaper than iphone. Android is a much easier file system to navigate. Iphone is just a phone that can do some tricks. An android is a little bitty computer that you can also use to make phone calls. The choice is clear. Well, lots of different android phones, but I am liking the Samsungs. I have the 7 inch Tab2 and also this Note3 and they are both awesome. If you dont web surf or watch movies much, the smaller S4 or maybe an S3 might be more convenient but I like this nice big tablet-like screen. Apple can just kiss my shiny black android.
  16. Toothpick

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    soooooo you wouldn't suggest an iPhone then?...
  17. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......
  18. Toothpick

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    There's an app for that :lol:
  19. If you're not ready to part with a keyboard, I've been using the Droid 4 (first smartphone was a BB curve 8310 for work and then a Droid for personal use). The keyboard is excellent and the main downsides are that it has a non-removeable battery and the specs are definitely outdated at this point. That said, it is thicker than an S4 or iphone, but the W and H dimensions are much better for the pocket than the beasts samsung puts out.

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