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suggestions for me?

I'm 26 today, just discovered wet shaving after having used an electric for years now. I have been using my dad's old Schick Krona I think it's called for the last few weeks. I was amazed at how there's very little razor burn, if any when using a DE razor. HOWEVER, the shave itself is not close at all (the electric was a heck of a lot closer). I'm guessing that it's this Krona razor causing me to not get a close shave? I'm only shaving with the direction of growth, so that's part of it too I imagine?

I'm Italian and Greek and my beard grows in several directions, especially on the neck. I have about $40 I can spend on a good razor. I'd like to get some input on the best razor for around that price that is good for people with fast growing, sand-paper like beard that grows in several directions. Also, I should mention that my skin is super sensitive. Wet shaving in general however, has stopped the razor bumps and irritation I used to get with the electric and Mach 3 when I used that. Based on that, I think any modern razor would be a step up from this Krona?
Dax, welcome to B&B! Check the Selling/Trading forum for anyone selling a used razor. They come up all the time. That will be your cheapest route. If you want to go new, check out the Merkur HD Classic. It easily fits into your budget.

I contacted that Chesapeake outfit and he sent me this reply:

All we carry now is the standard double edge and the slant bars razors. If you are interested, please provide a quantity and a number I can call you back at. Stock is moving quick because it is our last week of being open.

Are either of those good for me based on my first post in the thread?
Buy yourself a nice Merkur Progress. It's adjustable and a razor you can grow with. As far as a close shave. Try working on the correct blade angle for your face. For me, I learned by holding the razor pependicular to the floor and slowly lowering the razor until I could hear the blade cutting my whiskers. Too shallow of an angle and you will "pull" not cut the hairs....this hurts, and too deep of a razor angle and you will cut yourself. It will take time to figure out the right angle, and don't forget that your angles will change with the terrain of your face. Stick with it, you'll get the hang of it and you will be singing the praises of a DE in no time.
dax702 said:
All we carry now is the standard double edge and the slant bars razors.

Are either of those good for me based on my first post in the thread?

I think Shawn is referring to the HD as the Standard double edge. That is the one you want. $19 + shipping is a great deal. Classic Shaving sells it for $29.99



He could be referring to this one, the Merkur Classic:


Still a great razor, just not as heavy, and it has a longer handle.

dax702 said:
so as a final thought, the one for me is..............? :confused: :biggrin:
these are "adustable?"

Call Shawn and tell him you want the standard double edge. Jump on it because I hear this is their last week of business.
dax702 said:
Do I need an adjustable one such as Progress which Rtaylor said?

No. What usually happens when you are new to using a DE and you get an adjustable is that you always screw around with the settings. If you get an adjustable and just leave it at a low setting you will be fine. Otherwise, the fixed razors like the Hefty Classic are juuussssttt fine the way they are. They allow you to learn how to shave with them without the chance to screw anything up by changing something each time you shave. The HD style of razor is the standard to get. I would bet most everyone on this board who shaves with a DE owns the HD or similar razor and still uses it. I have both adjustables and regular and I find myself shaving with the HD and similar more than the adjustables lately.

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