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Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by JamesTheLionHeart, Sep 12, 2019.

    Hey guys, so I'm looking at getting my first DE razor and really need some advice. I'm looking to spend 40 bucks or so tops, since this is meant to be a trial balloon to see if using a safety razor is something I'd be interested in sticking with. If it turns out to be something I enjoy though, I'd like it to be something that would last quite a while before I feel the need to 'upgrade.' Is this a reasonable budget? I'd really like to stick to it if possible.

    Even though I would like a razor that looks somewhat modern (just not crazy about the antiqueish overly ornate look), it is a far cry from my top priority. I'm looking for something that will give me a really close and comfortable shave above all else.

    I have been looking at the Merkur 23c, but many say it is on the 'milder' side. If I understand correctly, a milder razor is best suited for dudes that don't necessarily have a course beard. Gentlemen, I have a course beard. It isn't Grizzly Adams, but it is fairly course. I may not want to leap into the most aggressive razor, but I don't expect much of a learning curve, as I have used a straight razor quite a bit, and have learned to be aware of what is going on during this type of shave.

    Could you guys please give some recommendations on a $40ish not crazy antiquey looking razor, that will be at least moderately aggressive? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks- James
  1. Hannah's Dad

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    I suggest you start with an Edwin Jagger DE89 or a Merkur 34HD. Both are stellar, IMO.
  2. +1! Either would be a great choice!! :a14::a14:
  3. I would suggest the Merkur 34C but you need to try different blades to find a suitable match for your situation. It is the blade that does the work so a good choice is important. You may also wish to look at the Fatip open comb (Piccolo or Grande handle) which is a little more aggressive; it is also an all brass razor.
  4. I have a merkur 34C and it sits in a drawer. I use the razorock SLOC six days a week. it is incredible on my face. also, it's seventeen bucks. for the record, i also use a timeless, but the SLOC is when i'm shaving every day.
  5. Second the DE89 and/or 34C. I started with the 34C and later picked up a DE89 for comparison purposes. A DE89 (below) with a Voshkod is one of my smoothest shavers.
  6. I only say
    Get a Rockwell 6c...

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  7. +1 on 6C
    I would not recommend 23C because it is too light with stock handle
  8. Raven Koenes

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    Fatip Testina Gentile.
  9. Was also looking at the 34c, but seem to remember reading somewhere that it uses the same head as the 23c. Is that true? If so, the discerning difference would be handle length. It seems that some people seem to prefer the long handle of the 23c, and others seem to swear by the shorter handle of the 34c. Honestly (and I could be mistaken), I feel that I could just learn to be equally comfortable with either.

    The Rockwell is something I've considered (and this may seem odd), but the appeal of having an adjustable razor seems to be for the purpose of finding your ideal mildness or aggressiveness. Once found, wouldn't you just leave the razor at the same setting all the time? or would there be situations when you would want to adjust the razor on the fly?
  10. If you stick with the same shaving frequency you very likely will you just one setting but some people prefer to use different settings for sensitive areas or have touch ups with the lower settings then main passes
  11. Yes the same head; shorter handle but greater diameter.
  12. Crazy question but if different razors have different levels of aggression or mildness, why is this not something the manufacturer offers in the razor description? It seems to me to be one of the most important details, but there is no way to know until you buy the razor and try it. That just seems a little crazy to me
  13. Unfortunately it is the case and this is why adjustable razors are recommended
  14. I will PIF you a vintage Gillette Super Speed if you want and you can save your $40 to spend on creams and blades.
    It is a fully clean and ready to use vintage Super Speed which is one of the best razors ever.
  15. For those with coarse beards, the efficiency of the razor is only one factor. The sharpness of the blade is very important. I can use very mild razors, but only get good shaves if I pair them with the sharpest blades. With very aggressive razors, I have an issue with the sharpest blades as I also have sensitive skin. I can use aggressive razors if I pair them with mid-sharp blades. If your beard is coarse, you are not likely to do well with some of the starter blades that come with some DE razors. I find that Derby Extra, Shark, Merkur, and Van der Hagen blades are not sharp enough for my beard, although they work well for others.

    Like some others, I find that the Edwin Jagger DE89 razor is moderate in its aggressiveness and efficiency. That means that I can pair it with most blades and get a decent shave. That is the razor I use when testing new blades. I strongly recommend that you purchase a sample pack of at least a dozen brands of blades and try them to see which blades work best for you in your razor. Enjoy the shave.
  16. Thank you for the very generous offer! I pulled the trigger on the Merkur 34c and some Feather blades before seeing your reply.

    I'd like to say thanks to everyone for your advice and recommendations. Also, thanks again dionesius3 for your generous offer. Razor should arrive this Saturday, can't wait to try it out. I'm sure I will be back with questions.
  17. RealPretendPsychic

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    Good choice! My 34c was the only razor I used for over a year. Effective and durable!

  18. The Merkur 34C is a mild razor, suitable for a new shaver. On the other hand, the Feather blade is the sharpest blade available out of the wrapper. Thus, the combination should work well on your coarse beard. However, Feather blades tend to dull quickly when used on coarse beards, so I do not know how many good shaves you will get from them. I get two great shaves from them, but by the third shave, they are no longer comfortable. Hopefully, your beard is not as tough as mine and you will get a few more than that.

    Because Feather blades are so sharp, be careful with them. Use very light pressure when moving the blade across your face.

    Although those with fine beards can get by with little beard preparation, properly cleaning and hydrating your beard makes a big difference if your beard is coarse. I like to shower before I shave, using both shampoo and conditioner to soften my beard.

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