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Suggestions for first safety razor for a woman?

Hey B&Bers,

I have a female friend who has been quite interested in my wet shaving journey - and particularly in my discussion about the environmental and financial benefits. (And, yes - I can hear the guffaws on the $$ mention...:001_cool:)

My friend's birthday is coming up, and I was thinking of getting her a safety razor and some blades. Now, I went right from a Mach 3 into straights, so I don't know from DEs or SEs. I'm assuming I could just get her a standard Merkur... but if anyone has any advice regarding razors that are maybe particularly good for legs and pits (perhaps longer or shorter handle?), and good as a first safety, let me know!
My wife loves her Lady Eversharps. They aren't made any more, so you would have to get a vintage one. Blades are easily available from Amazon and the other usual suspects, and they last a long time. My wife gets months out of a blade.
Most women's razors have a long handle. 4" or so. Vintage Lady Gillette, Merkur 38c (long handle 34c) The extra length helps when shaving legs.
My wife uses the long handle Merkur 38c and likes it very much. She had a Lady Gillette but prefers the Merkur.
I shave my armpits, either with a Philips One Blade or a DE.
I'd say a Weishi 9306FL is a good combi ation of mildness and efficiency for bodily grooming, although I will admit, an open comb is worth considering, e. g. a Parker 24C. Parker OC heads are pretty mild, but very efficient and the OC head would be particularly useful after missing a couple of days.

However, I have also discussed this with a lady who swears by wax and epilators and it's for two reasons:
1. longer lasting results.
2. stubble is much finer, not nearly as abrasive as after shaving.
Additionally, she mentioned that depilation is only somewhat unpleasant until the hair and skin get used to it.

If she likes shaving, though, then, other than the two mentioned above, there's a Pearl OC TTO that's a decent shaver.
Mine uses a Lady Gillette that I got for her and a EJ 38C with a purple handle that her daughter bought for her. She likes them both but says the Gillette is better for legs and the Merkur is better for underarms.
TTO: Schick Krona or a Gillette Super Adjustable Long. The SA will let her pick her ideal level of aggressiveness.
3 Pc.: Maggard V3 or V3A with a long handle. Or you could go with a Tech mounted on a modern long handle.
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