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Suggest a knot for head shaving!

My brush journey hasn’t been too vast, but I think I prefer boars over badgers. As the badgers dont have much backbone and I like a stiff-ish brush. Granted I dont want it STIFF stiff lol, but prefer some backbone for sure, I like the exfoliation and the scrubby-ness of boars too.

I have an Omega 10066 and that backbone is pretty much what I like... a tad stiffer would be nice, but I get each brush may have its own personality etc. I also have a Whipped Dog black badger that Im not a fan of, sheds horribly and is VERY prickly. Also I have a Whipped Dog Silvertip or High Mountain ( cant remember ), that one I do like but is more for face as IMO its lacking some backbone and gelled tips.

I tend to use Arko, Cella, Razorock soaps, ( croaps I guess? lol ) so I dont think those are considered hard soaps. Occasionally Ill use Williams pucks too.

So I was thinking of going with one of these knots:
  • AP shave 26mm G5A synthetic
  • AP shave 26mm Gelousy SHD Euro Bulb 2 Band
  • AP shave 24mm mixed boar/badger
  • Maggards 26mm mixed boar/badger
  • TGN/Whipped Dog 24mm Boar
Any suggestions on the above? Thoughts?

I like a bigger brush to lather my head and I use either the Omega 10108 boar 27mm knot with a 57 mm loft or a Yaqi Timberwolf 24mm synthetic which feels like a larger brush than that to me. Like you I find Badgers a little lacking in backbone and a bit too much like a mop.
In similar lines as the APS you mentioned one that comes to my mind is the Razorock Plissoft 400. Very easy to use, good size for my dome, and soft with a backbone.

But I am a totally novice head shaver so there are much more experienced guys here. @NomadicDave and his brush collection come to mind! So passing Dave here to chip in.

Enjoy! Guido
If you like boar brushes, why not a larger boar? Here's some favorites:

Omega Jade from Connaught Shaving in the UK, about 26mm with 53mm (shorter) loft. Solid resin handle.

Zenith B03-A26, about 26mm with 55mm loft, aluminum handle. The same knot can be had in other handle shapes, also.

Omega Proraso Pro. Similar to the classic Omega 49 barber brush, but with reduced loft for more backbone.

A very economical large Omega boar is the 10108. It is not as firm as the others, but lays down the lather very well.
I’m a daily headshaver. All of these work very well for me.


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