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Suggest a frag for me. 45. Divorced. And dating.

Don't mess around. There is one cologne that every woman on the planet loves. One cologne that will drive them all crazy. You know what it is.... get it. And not a knock off....

Creed Aventus
Where is the best place to buy for the best price ?
If you're asking about Aventus, look on basenotes for a split/decant. There's also Facebook groups. I have bought from Finescents before and have been happy with my purchases. Finescents is a closed group but all you need to do is to submit a request to join and you're in. If you don't care about packaging Finescents is the cheapest way to go and he uses quality bottles and sprayers.
Touching base on this.....I ended up getting WSP Olympus.....soap, afershave, beard balm and a cologne sample. GF....now wife....loves it.
Some great points in here. I agree stick with scentless dryer sheets. The scented ones are disgusting and very chemical smelling. Go with a very light cologne and spray it in the air in front of you and walk threw it on bare skin. That way you won’t really offend anyone and she just might only get a glimpse of scent if she is in close. Have fun.