Suggest a frag for me. 45. Divorced. And dating.

Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by jeff2011, Oct 22, 2017.

    I looked the L'Occitane Baux up, sounds intriguing, i will have to give it a try. Thanks for the tip.
  1. Any dating updates for us? Wanting to live vicariously....
  2. I would suggest Aramis. Laugh if you want......but it is a proven chick magnet. Use with discretion
  3. I have to say, not owning the Creed, the response to Stirlings Executive Man has been somewhat surprising!
  4. Very vague. We need concrete details and pics.
  5. Tough one. I would recommend going to a specialist shop and spending a wee bit more than you might be comfortable spending and getting something special. I am of the opinion that spending more on 1 product that spending a bit less on 5 is the way to go. There has been an explosion of offerings which can be mind boggling. Sample a few and see what you like. You deserve it!

    I recently bought Perris Monte Carlo Absolue D'Osmanthe Extrait de Parfum 50ml which is a fabulous fragrance; not your everyday scent but used for special occasions when you want to up your game. This is the type of product that I will buy once every 5 years so the hit to the pocket is not too damaging!

    Good luck

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  6. The reality is at 45 reentering the dating scene the best fragrance that will also make you an automatic 25% better looking is the smell of a Porsche with you sitting inside.
  7. Lol! I've just gotten a lot of compliments on it. That and the sandpiper, which i can unfortunately not use du,e to skin irriation. My wife loves sandpiper. I had ordered a full size soap and aftershave of sandpiper before i actually used the samples i had. When they came yesterday, my wife said, "so the sandpiper is mine, right? You arent sending it to your brother. Its mine!" Lol
  8. Lol. Nice .
  9. It’s been mentioned before, but Hermes - Terre D’Hermes is great.

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  10. For getting a date, the best cologne is no cologne.
  11. Hmmm. Lots of great thoughts. Met a girl who loves Armani Code Profumo. Keeper on both ends for now! Wore it the first time I met her which was a bit daring and 4 months later she still loves it. Ymmv...but working quite well here
  12. Amouage Dia Man. Not overpowering and you have to get really close to smell it. I wear it as a feel good confidence boost.

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  13. if ur in the south CLP
  14. Bhugo

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  15. What is clp?
  16. Cleaner, Lubricant, Protectant
    for weapons/guns
  17. Ahhh......Hoppes 9 is one of my favorite smells! Lol
  18. I love the smell of an armory
  19. PAA makes one called firing range, but I haven't tried that one yet. Not sure if it is a reboot of their Hoppes 9 inspired scent called 9. Lol

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