Suggest a frag for me. 45. Divorced. And dating.

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    Personally I'd worry less about the fragrance and more about how you dress and present yourself. I've been in that boat, and women respond to a well-dressed, confident and successful man. Fragrance doesn't hurt, but you never know how a person will respond to a scent. I know for sure how a person responds to a man who smiles when he enters the room, treats everyone well, and knows how to dress and make interesting conversation. YMMV
  1. My presentation and dress already get compliments from 19 year olds (wasn't chasing her, an office intetn) to my own age.

    I am not the average fat Americans and am in damned good shape and keep up a mean conversation as well. Just trying to get some good frag advice from those far more into it than me. Trying to stay on point here.
  2. Get off my lawn. :)
  3. I’m 42. My wife likes the following on me: Bleu from Chanel
    Creed Aventus
    Creed Original Vetiver

    Hope my suggestions help and good luck!
  4. Also, Grafton by Truefitt & Hill. Always gets a positive reaction after I shower and throw this on.
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    50 years old, widower and not interested in dating at the moment, but I am very interested in scents and I've always been. I wore scents even when I as a young man was in the infantry, which wasn't appreciated by everyone. I wear scents not to please anyone but ME. If women like the scent that's fine with me. I wear scents that go with my natural body scent and adds to it which in my case means vanilla and cinnamon.

    As said above: people liks people with confidence and strength to stand up for themselves and be fair. So if you find YOUR scent and stand for it any woman slightly attracted to you will like it. You can usually read the attraction in a woman's eyes and body language, younger or older, before she can feel your scent, but being a dating man you already knew that.
  6. In my opinion you can't get better advice than this. Start here than branch out. Smelling nice, or better yet not repulsive, is the easy part. Throwing yourself back into the game of dating after a divorce is a monumental task all unto itself.
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    Thank you Royce.
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    Or you could try finding something age and status appropriate that a large cross section of women seem to like, that you like well enough yourself. :)

    Bleu de Chanel, especially the eau de parfum version, also seems like an excellent choice. See the front page of B&B review by Joel on this one. Not my favorite, but very popular and I would think age appropriate, good for dates, etc., etc.

    I ran the overall concept of for dating just smelling clean and neutral and/or of keeping a scent at perhaps a lower than normal level. The latter had sort of been my advice. I was surprised at her reaction, which was that scent is such a fundamental and primal thing, and that things that smell good to one are so attractive, that scents could be a major plus in a dating situation. Not to over do it or anything, but something that could be smelled when one was close to another person, was a big plus if the date liked the scent. Thus, to her mind, it was well worth figuring out what might attract the target audience so to speak. I would again recommend Jeremy Fragrances on You Tube. He seems to have a specialty in the what scents on a guy are likely to please women. I know he has addressed what particularly young guys might wear. I bet somewhere in all those videos are suggestions specific to more mature guy or however one would want to say it.
  9. Staying on point:

    - Chanel Pour Monsieur
    - Dior Eau Sauvage
    - Guerlain Heritage
    - Hermes Terre d'Hermes
    - Creed Irish Tweed
    Yes, all oldies, but goodies
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  10. Mmmm, Mandom. That's what you need.

  11. I'd echo Terres d'Hermes (or in my case, Fine's L'Orange Noir aftershave).

    It's clean, interesting but not a big olfactory punch in the face. I'm 44, married, and my wife loves it. I would consider it my signature scent and I'm planning to buy the TdH soon enough.

    I did the divorced and dating thing too, and I would encourage you to definitely wear a scent. When my wife tells her daughter (now my daughter too) what she remembers most about meeting me, the first thing out of her mouth ALWAYS is, "He smelled so good."

    Confidence and smelling good will serve you well.
  12. Burberry london is a nice winter scent
  13. I was in the same situation as you: 44, divorced, dating. I don't remember what, if any, scent I wore when dating my dearly beloved. But we hit it off, got married, and are still in love a quarter of a century later. My stepkids were 12 and 14 and we now have two--count 'em--grandchildren, a newborn and a two-year-old. The best decision I ever made.
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  15. Well, I don't know. If you are confident that you'll be going home alone to watch Sports Center, it could be a resounding yes.
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  17. Been there, done that. My rec would be a scent with a strong vanilla component--most people have a positive association with it, and it can't hurt to remind your date of a cookie or pastry. :001_tongu I love L'Occitane Baux, but TF Tobacco Vanille is also pretty great, if more spendy.
  18. I am 42 and married....but I wear what I want. IDGAF what other people think. What matters to me is that any scent I own is made from high quality botanical oils and isn't synthetic. That narrows the list substantially. I also don't like "modern/trendy" scents.

    So over time, that has pushed me to the classics...Penhaligon's, Floris, Santa Maria Novella, Aqua di Parma etc. If you use those, you can't really go wrong and they don't break the bank like Creed does.

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  19. Creed Aventus

    Nothing has gotten more of a response or comments.

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